Anything can be an ornament!

This is the whole kit and kaboodle of ornaments from all kinds of recycled and repurposed items. I now realize that I could have probably fit all of these in some of my past day’s groupings… but it’s Christmas, so you have to forgive that oversight. 

Made using macaroni, EvenCleveland's blog

Made from an old leather handbag, GirlIndustries' Etsy shop

Made from repurposed film, RhapsodyinBoo's Etsy shop

Made from old key, CorieKline's Etsy shop

I’m not the only person who has a stash of random keys, right? 

Made from recycled Christmas card and vintage earring, CreationsbyDanielle’s Etsy shop
Made from vintage spool, ReclaimedThreads’ Etsy shop
Made from recycled CD, LetsBeCreative’s Etsy shop

Pour vous maman!

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