This past Saturday, minus twenty-nine years, a child was born. Her name is Emily, but as far as I’m concerned she’s Em, Emmy, Emaline, Oh Wise Em One… my identical cousin.

via Little Brown Pen

Emmy has throughout her life been an animal lover. Though her dog Liberty was her constant companion. I’ll never forget the summer we both got hamsters, hers was named Teddy Bear, mine was called Babyface. We had 50’s pop theme songs for each.

Robot dog made of recycled materials via Reclaim to Fame's Etsy shop

My cousin has smarts. After attending Carolina and a post graduate writing school, she started her career in NY in publishing as a book editor.  Now she’s a writer, creating book jacket copy…

Antique ilustration on Vintage paper by Black Baroque

One of my favorite things about Em is that she’s curious about EVERYTHING and is always open to trying new things. We went to trapeze school for my birthday one year and she’s promised to take an upholstery class with me.

A hobby that stuck for good is capoeira, the art of brazilian dance fighting.

Vintage Atabaque drums

Emmy is probably one of the best bakers I know. She and one of her friends get together once a month to try new cookie recipes. I try to drop by around those days…

Old pan as a magnetic board, Source unknown

Emmy is a world traveler; Brazil, Israel, backpacking through Europe, driving cross-country.. she is always plotting her next adventure.

Recycled Illustration on Vintage Map by Apfelstrudel's Etsy shop

I’m very excited about giving Em her birthday present. It will go along nicely with her new bike, as would this basket.

Bicycle Basket via Fernswood Pixie

I don’t have any sisters. But then, I never really needed one. We joke that we have to be friends since we’re related and would have to endure each other’s presence at family gatherings regardless.

But the truth is… I don’t know want to know what my life would be without her in it.

Happy birthday Em.

Em riding a repurposed horse in Soho, NY

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  1. Sweet post Erin! If anyone is more deserving of this than Emily, then I have never met them. Happy Birthday Em! You are loved!

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