INSPIRATION repurposing farm tools

My dad would say I’ve always been pretty adverse to manual labor.

I may or may not agree with that statement. But most certainly, I would say that as nice as it is to use farm tools for things like “threshing” or “harvesting,” I find it just as lovely to create ways to use farm tools for more… sedentary purposes?

Take for instance the wheelbarrow. Crafty designer Johnny Swing discovered an enlightened purpose for it as a table.

Crouching Table

Actually, not just a table, but a smartly designed one that doubles as storage.

You know I’m partial to the simplest of country looks; a wheelbarrow full of fresh-cut logs or an indoor flower garden, is right up my alley.

Astrogarden via Shelterrific

via Catherine Gratwicke Photography

A set of these would look right at home around a vintage Knoll tulip table.

via The Greenhaus

This laser cut wheelbarrow by Cal Lane, must be the ultimate in farm chic.

Cal Lane laser cut wheelbarrow, photo via Toronto Life

Oh, the detail!

And lucky for farmer’s delicate daughters everywhere, Mr. Lane didn’t stop at a wheelbarrow!

Shovels are apparently de riguer in the David Olchewski‘s studio as well.

David Olschewski's Stiller Gehfarte (Shovel Coatrack)

As are pitchforks, for that matter.

David Olschewski's 14.7 Coat Rack

One can use more “primitive” farm tools for  purposes, like… a paper towel holder, a wine glass rack, ceiling lighting…

Primitive Ice Tong Paper Towel Holder via MyMagBean13's Etsy shop

Vintage Farm Tool Wine Rack, source unknown

Circular Saws repurposed as Lights at St. Anselm, Brooklyn NY

I feel that it is a good sign when you decide to write about ways to repurpose farm tools the morning of July 4 and then proceed to walk into a restaurant with vintage farm tools on the wall a few (swelteringly hot!) hours later.

Vintage tools on the walls of St. Anselm

Image via Monroe Garden


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