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Like any other girl with an appreciation for little black dresses, cocktails, and diamonds, I’ve always been a fan of the “Holly Golightly” Audrey Hepburn. Likewise, the Audrey of Roman Holiday with her short cut riding a Vespa around Rome. And let us not forget the Audrey of Sabrina; the ultimate makeover story with a romantic ending. But what about the Audrey Hepburn with a passion for humanitarian work? The Audrey who worked with UNICEF for over 30 years. The Audrey who said “I have a broken heart. I feel desperate. I can’t stand the idea that two million people are in imminent danger of starving to death, many of them children…” Aside from her beauty, this was a woman of great heart and substance. Today humanitarian Audrey is my ROOM MUSE.

Audrey spent the later years of her life living in Switzerland. But today I’m imagining a kitchen space for Audrey is some off the beaten path village in Africa. Clay walls, salvaged floor tiles. Simple yet warm.

Imagine a galley kitchen space. On one wall there is a salvaged wood door (Eron Johnson Antiques). Beside it is a wall of windows surrounded by shelves and cabinets salvaged from an old pharmacy ( A deep sink is inlaid in a rustic chest of drawers. Across the corridor, which is filled with a large welcoming reclaimed industrial table (Artifact Design and Salvage), is a wall of salvaged wood and lead pipe shelves (Hindsvik). But my favorite part would be the golden giraffe (Apartment Pizzazz) situated in the corner of the room, just for fun.

Audrey’s favorite food was spaghtti, so an Italian cookbook (Open Books/CMJDesignsLLC) would be set on an small easel on the counters. Under some of the windows would sit Audrey’s herb garden in an old wooden tool tray (The Barn of Middleburg). Re-purposed tops of limestone pillars (Eron Johnson Antiques) would sit by the oven ready to receive hot plates. Water would fall from a spunky set of pipes (Wary Meyers) and an antique bowl would always be filled with seasonal fruits.

Each morning, Audrey would sit down to her coffee (Coffee Set from AGoodVintage) with hot milk at a beautiful old table. Maybe some days she would grab a cookie from one of the stands made of brass candlesticks and antique china (FunkieFinds). Audrey would perch on a tree stump and the room would be softly lit with wine bottle lights dangling over the table. Audrey would probably eat most of her meals in the kitchen and perhaps invite her local friends to join her. On special occasions they might light the antique candelabra (Chase Vintage) and linger over dinner for hours.

Like Audrey, I imagine this room would be quiet, comfortable, and full of grace and charm.

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  1. Hello,

    I loved your homage to Audrey! She was the best. I could not pass up a large b&w photo of her a few years ago (Holly Golightly with cigarette holder), mounted on stretched canvas, but it is now hidden away in my closet; I also have a 5-foot-tall plush giraffe, given to me as a hostess gift by friends from Paris. I am moving to Park Slope the end of the month to be able to greet my new grandson, Zeke, in September (I am Cammie’s Mom!), and have no idea what to do with my giraffe, as my new digs will be so much smaller than the present ones up here in the woods of Dutchess County. Maybe I can put Raffie the Giraffe in the … hmmm…but I won’t HAVE a hallway. I might need your help!



    • Ramona, I didn’t know you were moving to PS – Zeke will be super happy to have his grandma nearby. I bet he might like a 5′ high plush giraffe! 😉

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