Repurposing Pianos

On Saturday, some friends and I went out to Governor’s Island to bike, picnic, and see the Local Natives perform. BC and I came upon a collection of beautiful old yellow houses, with perfect summer porches. I wanted to move right in.

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Governor’s Island was the headquarters of the U.S. First Army in the 1930’s. The island is filled with historic relics that were basically abandoned in the 60’s when the base was closed. In recent years, the national historic landmark is accessible via ferry for events like the Jazz Age Lawn Festival (at which I won the Most Unusually Delicious pie recipe last year!) and art installations, in addition to being the perfect disconnect from the city for the afternoon.

Anyway, one song by the Local Natives includes a rather curious sound. I became convinced that the band counted “the typewriter” among their instruments. When BC and I start a band, I’m going to play the typewriter. Probably, it’ll start a movement and musicians everywhere will follow suit.

But then… what will we do with all those old pianos?

Make a chair, like Nine Stories Furniture.

Make a bar.

Image source unknown

Make a lamp, like Junk Market Style.

Or perhaps, just make gorgeous art.

Image via Apartment Therapy

Image via Junk Market Style

Speaking of, did you hear about Play Me, I’m Yours? Artist Luke Jerram installs pianos on the streets of major cities then the community sends in  pictures and videos of them playing the pianos!


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