Funky 70’s Office Chairs

Four of these chairs have been sitting in my home office since last Jan, when I rescued them from Sarah’s storage. The plan was to take an upholstery class and then re-do these four chairs, painting the metal arms/legs and wood backs as well.

Well… it’s been almost 9 months and the chairs stacked in a corner of my office were beginning to resemble the Leaning Tower of Pisa. With much regret, I put them on the curb last week. If I had the space I’d have kept them forever. They were so outdated, yet had so much potential. Imagine the possibilities…

modern sophistication:

Fabric: Purple Mauverina

Metal Arms/Legs: Black

Wood Back/Top of Arms: Light Grey/Blue

pop goes the color:

Fabric: Droxford – Bright

Metal Arms/Legs: Orange

Wood Back/Top of Arms: Red

funky retro:

Fabric: Charlton’s Charm

Metal Arms/Legs: as is

Wood Back/Top of Arms: as is

pretty paisley:

Fabric: Mark Green/Rose

Metal Arms/Legs: Black

Wood Back/Top of Arms: Blue

sea inspired:

Fabric: Daisy Anne

Metal Arms/Legs: Black

Wood Back/Top of Arms: Turquoise

All fabrics created by Liberty of London. All images via Purl Soho.


Comment on “Funky 70’s Office Chairs

  1. For the record, I found the red fabric with gold Hula Girls that I originally planned on using to upholster them. Oh Well…hopefully they are making someone else’s house very happy.

  2. Also…you forgot to add that these chairs were rescued from an abandoned USDA office that was in charge of managing a lady bug infestation. That in itself makes the chairs worth salvaging!

    • Ha! I had forgotten the lady bug infestation part. I know… I was sad to let them go. But I just didn’t think I’d be able to get around to it for some time and need the space. :(

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