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If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook (and please do if you’re into that sort of thing!), you may have seen my wish list in the iVillage  Blogger’s Wish Lists. I was so honored to be asked to participate but unfortunately all my vintage or repurposed wish list items couldn’t be included since those are one-of-a-kind pieces that may have sold before the post went up.

So I was inspired to put together a list of the vintage and repurposed gifts that would make both my giving and receiving Wish Lists.

For the mom who has a lot on her plate

Chalkboard made from recycled Breyer horse, Houndstooth Design

For the dad who’s the cook in the family

Reclaimed walnut cutting board, John Corcoran Design

For the brother teaching English in a foreign country

Reclaimed Burlap Sack Messenger Bag, Tienlimited

For the G-mama who would appreciate handmade holiday cheer

Thread Spool Wreath, Misstitchery

For the best friend’s 9 month old who will one day think his Auntie E is the coolest EVER

Catapult made from salvaged wood, ThingsinStuff

For the best friend with a new job who’d probably appreciate the relaxing smell of lavender

Lavender in vintage linen,  Chaos Into Art

For the cousin who may need a place to store notes from her astrology class, nutrition course, or our travels abroad

Upcycled leather journal, Bindingbee

For the boyfriend who is a Mac-tard and could use a cool dock

iPhone rest made from recycled wine barrel wood, Swedish Guy Design

And finally, for the blogger with a penchant for chains and keys

Necklace made from vintage chains and keys, Madame Fortuna

Btw, Fridays are Erin’s choice on Salvaged Grace this new blog year. I get one day a week of whatever-I-want-to-write about posting! Next Friday… stay tuned for sneak peeks of BC and my apartment transformation in progress!


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