Repurposed Ornaments

My mom sent a whole bunch of my old ornaments up from NC and I have been sooo busy that I haven’t even had a chance to look at them! Is it me or are the weeks before the holidays excruciatingly busy?

Here’s a round-up of ornaments made from repurposed materials. I don’t think anyone could make the claim that they have nothing to put on their tree.

Upcycled jewelry from ArtyBaby. (you might remember my upcycled jewelry ornaments from last year)

Cookie Cutter Ornaments by Velveteen Habbit

Upcycled Beer Cans by Beer Candarl

Recycled Skateboard by SevenPly

Recycled lightbulb by Page51

Upcycled sweaters by FernLeslie

Repurposed projector lamp by MilesD

Repurposed Quilt by Banner Celebrations

And one more treat from Leslie Janson, repurposed vintage pocket watches

I think it’s time to have another bourbon ball – leftover from my weekend baking – and finish decorating my tree!


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