Repurposed Wine and Beer Bottles: 2011 edition

By the time you read this, I will have been on a train for at least 6 hours. Most likely I’ll be exhausted, grumpy, and perhaps I’ll be making my way to the food and drink car (do they still have those?) for an early morning pick-me-up (or knock-me-out as the case may be), the likes of which one might also find here:

Accordingly, below please find an addendum to last year’s repurposing wine barrelsrepurposing beer bottlesrepurposing wine bottles, and  repurposing wine cork posts:

Beer Bottle Chandelier via Cool Material

Another version of the wine bottle candle via DesignSponge

Tea lights via EcoCraftiness

Recycled Tea Light holders via The Green Head

Wine Bottle Wind Chime via Design by CD Childs


Wine Bottle Vases found via BecksPlusWorld, original post DesignSponge

Repurposed Wine Crate as Bike Trunk via Poetic Home

Cork Pen via Etsy (no longer available)

Cork Bathmat via The Green Scene

Cork Trivet via Belle Maison

Cork Wreath via Belle Maison

Wine Cork Journaling via Mintage Home

I’m crazy for the idea of cork journaling. Lord knows, we go through our share at my house. BC and I brought a bottle of a wine we shared over a meal in Paris back to the US and drank it one of the first nights we lived together. Would have been so cool if I’d thought to note the date on the cork!  My friend MK has an awesome collection to that effect, which she keeps in a giant glass vase. Pretty neat to see the remains of lots of fun nights all in one place – without the remains of a hangover.

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