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Happy Monday! There’s no better way to start off the week than by sharing my  interview with Sarah of 508 Restoration and Design. 508’s refinished pieces are bright, refreshing and charming. And I found  Sarah to be equally so.

When/how/why did you guys start 508 Restoration?

I grew up in a 250 year old farm house which is where most of my “refinishing/painting” began. Everything was old, so there was nothing you couldn’t improve with a little paint. I guess I feel like i have been doing this in some form all my life. I quit my job as a graphic designer to be at home with my kids about 2 years ago. Since then, the idea for 508 has evolved because I had to have a creative outlet or I would go insane!

What’s your favorite part of the refinishing process?
Ummmmm….love it all. No, really. Even the sanding is cathartic for me. I guess above all it would be a fresh new color on my brush.
How do you and Nathan work together?
Nathan is my number uno supporter. It really helps that he is a designer himself AND he can pretty much build anything he wants to. So, I can bounce all of my ideas off of him and he gives me some pretty honest feed back. (I generally get comments like: “are you some type of crazy person?”)

Not to mention he is building our entire workshop with his own 2 hands and he can repair any damage our furniture has when we buy it. I would say most of the design ideas start with me and we discuss them, then the actual painting and refinishing is done by me. and the blogging (of course).

Where do you source the pieces you refinish?
Everywhere. I literally love looking at furniture all the time anywhere.
What’s your favorite piece that you’ve refinished?
Usually it is whichever one I JUST finished. Because it is new and fresh.
What are you inspired by?
I am constantly looking for new ideas and I get them from everywhere. I guess everyone says that, but it is so true. I usually just look at a piece and know right off what general color I think it should be…maybe its because I am always looking at new colors. But from there it really is an evolving process. Like No. 18…which was basically a series of screw-ups that ended up being my table I called “imperfect”.

How on earth are you able to restore furniture with two wee ones (2 kids under 3!) running around!

Ha! Everyone asks that question! I take my time…I don’t pump out a lot of furniture. BUT, to answer your question: First, my daughter loves to be outdoors more than anything in the world. So as long as it isn’t bitterly cold, she would just as soon be outside with me while I work and my son is sleeping. Second, NAP TIME. I pretty much use that 2-3 hours to its FULLEST on most days. I am not going to lie though, there are many a naps where I just plop in front of a movie with a bowl of chips. You just need those days off for sure!

Tell me more about your house in Virginia – is is an old farmhouse? How would you describe your decorating style?
I WISH it was a farmhouse. Right now, we DO live in an old Virginia home…but it is just in a quiet neighborhood. We have enjoyed it and it has been a great place to have kids, but we hope to move to the country soon!
My decorating style? I am not sure that I have one… What I like best is started with a clean neutral pallet and filling it with treasured personal artwork/photos/reclaimed items, refinished furniture (of course) that brings in our personality and color, natural wood, things with a past….it is ever changing. Ask me next week and I may give you a totally different answer.

What in your home do you hope to pass down to your kids? Something you’d consider to be a family treasure or an heirloom.
That is a good question. We have a very rich inheritance…and not in the monetary sense.  We have been blessed with an amazing family of do-it-your-self-ers that goes back for generations. There are hand-made items that we definitely treasure.  Spiritually speaking too- we have a family of strong believers that I hold at the utmost of value. So we have a lot of things that symbolize what our inheritance means for us.

Something more specific is a song of blessing that Nathan recently painted on some barnwood for me that I treasure and hope to hand down to my children. It is a song we prayed for our children. (see post here).

Thanks so much Sarah! Be sure to follow the 508 Restoration and Design Blog for more great design project ideas.

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