Repurposing Car Parts

What’s worse than working late and forgetting to eat meals? Realizing at 11pm (when you’re still finishing up a presentation) that you forgot to blog for the next day! Which brings me to the first Thursday after my wonderfully relaxing vacation, awake with anxiety about work at 6am, wishing I could hop in a car and drive back to Buenos Aires… I’d settle for a long drive to anyplace stress-free and in summer.

The next best thing… repurposing car parts!

Bel and Bel Repurposed Sofa found via Poetic Home

Vintage Volvo Wall Art by Tim Sway Perspective


Repurposed Truck Spring Vintage Stools, House Beautiful via Apartment Therapy


Gas Dial Lamp by Furbish


Hood Coffee Table via Cool Material


Vintage Oil Cans via EthanOllie

I’m looking at a sweet note BC left for me last night when I fell asleep on the couch in an exhausted pile. I think I’d take him with me in my imaginary car to carefree summer times!


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