More Repurposed Doors

Well, not to be all retro but though I’ve written about repurposed doors before , I have since collected these additional ideas that I wanted to share. All very simple and easy.

(Which reminds me… I still need to share mine and BC’s experience building his desk made from an old door and two industrial strength file cabinets – the opposite of simple and easy!)

Door shelf by Woodbird Designs

Repurposed Door Headboard via The Lettered Cottage

Door sconce via Velvet and Linen



Comment on “More Repurposed Doors

  1. hi there,
    i liked your site. You done some cool things with them there doors : ) can you tell me where you find salvage doors? I have some projects I would like to try. do you have any tips for sourcing them?

    • Hey Mike, It really depends on where you live… in most places, you can find doors at architectural salvage shops. And architectural salvage shops can be found with a Google search.

      I’ve found that salvaged doors (that are basic, not super antique or decorative) often range from about $50-$100 in NY… however, there’s a guy with a warehouse on a corner on a Brooklyn neighborhood who has a huge stock of old doors (in varying conditions) that he sells for extremely competitive prices – like $25! The shop is Eddies:

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