Repurposing Kitchen Stuff

I was discussing organizational methods with a colleague the other day. She is one of those “within these giant piles, I know exactly what and where everything is.” Whereas, I am of the “what giant piles? Oh you mean, the perfectly organized folder of information?” school of thought. Expect when it comes to the kitchen cabinets that swelled when BC moved in. For a guy who doesn’t really cook he sure had a lot to add to our kitchen. I will be keeping the ideas below in mind for repurposing kitchen items when I finally tackle our unwieldy kitchen cabinets in the next few weeks.

Colander Pendant via Szuszanna

Mixing bowl pendant via Country Living

Jello mold pendant via BootsNGus

Whisk shelf by Jim Rosenau via Poetic Home

Silverware pulls via Country Living

Silverware candles via Country Living

Repurposed muffin tin via Natural Home Magazine

More repurposed from the kitchen items here.


Comment on “Repurposing Kitchen Stuff

  1. I’m constantly surprised with new and unique uses for old items. I love the idea of making hanging lights out of old bowls or strainers, and I think it would actually be pretty easy. They sell the hanging bulbs at a ton of craft places, so I’m sure they’d be a cinch to find.

    I also came across some candle holder cake trays in one of your posts as well, which I think are another great idea. Keep the suggestions coming! We’re always looking for cool DIY items that can be repurposed.

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