Cire Trudon

Prior to my trip I’d been compiling recommendations from some of the blogs I read. One such blog (From the Right Bank) had posted a list of favorite top five home design stores in Paris and one on the list just happened to be located in the Latin Quarter where we were already planning to go on Saturday afternoon for Laduree macarons. C’est destiny.

The story of Cire Trudon began in Paris in the mid 1600’s when Claude Trudon moved to Paris and opened up a shop. Shortly thereafter he became very well known for his high quality candle wax which would become a fixture in important homes of the time, including Versailles. Not only did Cire Trudon survive the French Revolution, despite it’s ties to the monarchy, it became a favorite of Napolean’s. The only gift Napoleon gave his own son when he was born was a Trudon candle encrusted with three pieces of gold featuring his head.

Visiting the Cire Trudon store in Paris like stepping through a mirror where everything looks and smells astounding lovely. I was worried I’d be stopped from taking photographs in the story, so I took few pictures. I also took a short video on the sly.

Aside from that  incredible wallpaper –  I love the rows of perfectly lined up photographs. Apparently, last fall Cire Trudon opened a NY store. The shop design is said to be inspired by the Versaille Hall of Mirrors and indeed, it looks  sumptuous. I saw a lot of that striking teal blue in Paris over the weekend.

Image via Cool Hunting


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    • I’m so glad you noticed that!!! I hate that I didn’t get a better picture of the peacock, I was smitten with it!

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