Repurposing Vanity Mirrors and Medicine Cainets

Last night BC and I ordered sushi takeout and watched Cinema Verite, which is a movie about the making of the 1973 PBS documentary, An American Family, considered to be the first reality TV show. The movie was super interesting (watch it!) and now I’m aching to see the original! There was a line somewhere in the movie about people not being able to see themselves as others see them. Nice segue into my repurposed subject today:

Repurposing vanity mirrors and medicine cabinets (and their mirrors.)

Medicine cabinet as jewelry box via Cheap Diva

Medicine cabinet turned into Message Center via Apartment Therapy

Rescued medicine cabinet embellished with cross via Vintage Obscura

A medicine cabinet mirror rescued off the street and given to me years ago… now as my dressing room vanity mirror.

Vanity Mirror Headboard via Plush Palate

Repurposed Wardrobe Mirror via Brabourne Farm


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