The Livery Stable

The antiques in the collection of The Livery Stable shop have a distinctly southern feel to me. The styles range from country to art deco, but all look as if they’d be quite at home in a southern manor with sweeping porches.The equestrian “sporting and classic” pieces are especially inspiring.

I may need to do an Assemblage of these gold chalkware mirrors with eagle detail, I think these are stunning!

These cigar boxes should be used in some kind of DIY project.

These are hanging lamps… I’d love to see them painted a vibrant red. They’d be stunning!

Not really my style, but these needlework placemats are interesting. With a modern china set or a more retro centerpiece, I could see them being kinda funky cool.

I’d love this for my pink bathroom!

What a great patina, it reminds me of the toolbox I bought for BC’s dresser.

I could see cowbells necessitating another collection.

This is just a simple wall shadowbox, but it’d be a great way to make the right piece pop.

Alright parents, this is a 10 piece children’s book set from the ’60’s. So totally classic!

And speaking of kids, these framed noun, preposition, and adjective prints would be adorable in a child’s nursery.

And I can think of one friend in particular who now needs them! I am thrilled for you!!!

Images via The Livery Stable


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