Decanters and Peacocks

Woo hoo, happy long weekend, folks! Hope you are gearing up for a good one.

Most Mondays, I head to work feeling a little dejected, I have so many ideas and plans for our apartment, though somehow between traveling, spending time with friends, trying to unwind, and getting my blog writing ready for the coming week, I don’t have nearly enough time on the weekends! Most of my projects are in some stage of progress, though I am determined to complete a few this summer.

In the meantime, I thought I’d share a couple new additions from the last few weeks.

First up, a purchase from the San Diego Swap Meet. Overall, the Swap Meet was a huge disappointment with only one aisle ofvintage items. Everything else was new and quite frankly, junk. That said, we got this four piece set of hefty spirits decanters for $10 (yes, I said the entire set was $10!) The silver pumps still work! I can already imagine the cocktail parties to come.

I love the glass etchings. I’m toying with the idea of getting an old bar cart specifically for this set. It’s just too awesome to hide in the kitchen.

My peacock tapestry arrived! We’ve got it up and I enjoy it every day…. however. I don’t enjoy that old rattan chair. It’s uncomfortable to sit in and just doesn’t work with the direction of the rest of the living room. Perhaps it would be improved if painted black and with new pillows. But what I really want is this:

Sigh, it’s Pottery Barn. And since this is a blog about repurposing and reusing I feel absolutely shameful. What I like about it is the shape and the color that would help tie the tapestry to the room a little more. I’m going to mull this one over for a whole.. maybe I’ll find a more Salvaged Grace appropriate (and budget friendly) option in the meantime.

I’ve been overcompensating for my lack of completed projects with an abundance of fresh flowers. Fresh flowers make me smile all week long. I’m going to try to get to one of my outstanding projects (hall closet clean -out – yuck!) on Monday, so I’ll see you here on Tuesday. Happy Memorial Day weekend! 


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