Repurposing Windows

I’m coming to you live post my 6:30am boot camp this morning. I wanted to just point out that I got up at the crack of dawn AND I made it to 7:30. This may seem like a small achievement and it is, but it was no easy task! I swear, what gets me through the workout (when I’m running up steps or walking on my hands in a plank position) is knowing that I’m going to get my morning cappuccino from Dub Pies on the way home.

On a different subject, I’ve amassed a beautiful set of pictures of repurposed windows that I wanted to share. The applications aren’t necessarily unexpected; windows as room dividers, doors, headboard, message board, frame, table, potrack… ok, maybe there are some new ideas in here. But mostly, I just think these DIYs with repurposed windows are all perfectly executed!

Salvaged windows room dividers via Lettered Cottage

Cabinet built around salvaged doors via Bobo Intriguing Objects

Headboard via Roxxn

Message board via My Repurposed Life

Frame via Two Ellie

via Wedding Chicks

Vintage Book Bunting on Salvaged Window via Luna Clay Design

via Lundagard

Salvaged window DIY Table Sunset Magazine via Belle Maison

Potrack via Lettered Cottage Magazine

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  1. You are very creative love the widows as a room divider . I have 2 old doors in my attic and can not wait to do something with them . thanks!h

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