Assemblage…Office Supplies

I was sitting at work late on Tuesday night and I couldn’t find room in my brain to even begin to think of what to post today. So I decided to be inspired by the world around me – my office. In my dreams my office is filled with quirky, interesting, vintage office supplies.

1 Vintage Metal Tacks via DandelionGirl 2 Wooden desk organizer via Switchblade and Cookie  3 Vintage stacking trays via AmberFilkins 4 Tape dispenser viaRobinseggbleunest


5 Lincoln Stamp Dispenser via Vintage Zen 6 Blue metal box via SunsetSideVintage  7 Wooden Message Holder via CollectedFat 8 Recipe Box via VintagePDX

9 Duck Paperclip via BSwatchparts 10 Donkey Desk Organizer via LyndiLane 11 Gun letter opener via ifoundgallery11 (ps. does anyone else still use a letter opener? I’m not inspired to open mail without mine!) 12 Vintage Modern Desk Lamp via DrowsySwords

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