Repurposing School Supplies

As I wrote here, I LOVE FALL. And the return to school means that the church across the street becomes a school again instead of a summer camp. Which means for me: no more singing hordes of children which I’m writing in the morning. (I secretly kind of like it, but I shall pretend to be a grumpy old lady.)

So where were we? Right, back to school. The weather has been slightly cooler in NY this week and I’ve actually wanted a jacket the last few days. You’d be surprised how much this excites me. So in honor of this beloved time of year – repurposing school supplies….

Yardstick Pendant Shade via Brooklyn Limestone

Rulers on stairs via Funky Junk Interiors

Yardstick Table via Brooklyn Limestone

Business Card Holder via Roberta Grove

Ruler Picture Frame via The Lettered Cottage

Newspaper Recycled Pencils via Abe’s Market

This blows my mind! Pencil sculptures by Dalton Ghetti via Restored Style

Got an old school house lying around? Repurposing an Old Belgian School via Desire to Inspire  Aren’t the dark walls amazing?


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