Making a New Space Feel Old

Every so often I kinda sorta wish we lived in a newer building. I know, gasp. It’s just that its drafty in our 3rd floor walk-up and I can’t even begin to keep the hardwood floors clean.

Let’s just pretend that I HAD to buy a newer home. The first thing I’d want to do it old it up. I love seeing those modern high rises with crown molding and beautiful built-ins and the kinds of architectural accents that say “I’ve been around for years.” Sometimes it’s ok to lie and pretend you’re a little more mature than one might think.

From top: via Decor 8, via CocoCozy, via Comstock Saloon, via DesignSponge, Lonny via From the Right Bank, via Cote de Texas, via Desire to Inspire, Unknown, via Liz’s Antique Hardware

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