Castle Leslie

What would Halloween be without a haunted Salvaged Getaway? Welcome to Castle Leslie, home of the Leslie family and their relative ghosts, including a dog named Punch. Since the mid 90’s the estate has been slowly restored it to its original glory by Sammy Leslie, the current manager. “The family considers itself to be guardians of the land and its overwhelming desire is to protect the Estate for future generations.” I know I’ve said this before, but I wish that this was the mentality in America. Then again, perhaps it would be if we had a country full of castles! I digress…

Castle Leslie boasts a full equestrian program, spa and even a cookery school (in the original Victorian kitchen). Tradition and formality exists here still – dinner begins with a drink in the Fountain Garden or Drawing Room before a romantic dinner by candlelight. The head chef reinvents recipes from the family cookbook dating back for centuries…

Haunted or not, it all sounds divine! Happy Halloween, my friends.


Images via Castle Leslie

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  1. Thanks for this! I love it. I got the priviledge of staying in one of the Irish castles while I visited, looking at these pictures brought a smile to my face remembering my experiences! Happy Halloween.

    • Sunny, If I had a bucket list, staying in a castle would definitely be on it! Sounds like your experience was amazing and I’m so glad this brought up happy memories! Happy Halloween!

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