Winter Antiques Show

My cousin, Em and I went all the way up to the UES last weekend to check out the Winter Antiques Show, a benefit for the East Side House Settlement. Though it would seem that the starting price for most items was well beyond my budget, I thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon. Here are some of the highlights.

First, the Park Avenue Armory itself is a place of splendor. The bride in me thought “oooohh, this would be a perfect place to get married in that navy Monique Lhuillier dress I was drooling over the other day” (the realist in me has a feeling that would also be out of my price range.) The arts patron in me decided I’d settle for seeing an aerial dance company perform there. And also, isn’t it nice to see this NY relic get all spruced up, decked out, and used for a good cause? 

If you’ve read Elle Decor you’ve probably noticed those stylish living rooms that include a tailored couch with oversized photography hung above. Let it be known that if I’m ever destined to have such a space, this is the image I’d want at center stage. Reading up on the image I learned that the shoot occurred pretty quickly because the building was already being dismantled when the photographer Ormond Gigli envisioned the shot. It is quite stunning, isn’t it?

Image via Peter Fetterman Gallery

Posy rings are my new favorite. They are simple gold rings engraved with a sentiment. Hmm. Hello, wedding band?

Image vis Les Enluminures

Wow, you can see where my head is… the cabinet below from the Robert Young Gallery, which was one of my favorite displays, shows a couple courting, then engaged, then on their wedding day, then married. I really loved the hand painted stripes in their display booth. 

Images via Robert Young Gallery and my iPhone

Now this is a cool story:

“In 1970, a 14 year old boy rescued an Album of drawings from a trash heap… He kept it for 36 years. The album consists of 283 drawings done on both sides of ledger sheets, each bearing the name of the hospital , State Lunatic Asylum No.3, Nevada, Mo. They were sewn into a beautiful, hand made album”

As it turns out, the identity of the artist has only recently been discussed. The artist is Edward Deeds, Jr. who was committed for life at the age of 17, in 1925. 

Images via Hirschl and Adler Galleries

Liz O’Brien‘s display was one of the few that featured a sort of modern Hollywood style. I find the images below on her site, and I’m sneaking in the green chair, even though it’s reproduction, because it’s AWESOME.

Images via Liz O’Brien

Saw this painting at the show and left a tiny piece of my heart with it. Is it a surprise that I like flowers when they’re a little more dark and moody? Let’s call it soulful. That chair has plenty of soul itself. Man, I wish I had more rooms to decorate! 

Images via L’Antiquaire

We saw this one sword at Peter Finer that was probably larger than both Em and I put together. One question: how did people hold those things? There must have been a whole leg of knight training dedicated to just standing up. I much prefer this delicate German kids sword… ahem, kids sword?!

Images via Peter Finer 

Just because I’m a sucker for a slab of wood table. 

Image via Moderne Gallery

And finally, Hostler and Burrows. I’d made a note to myself to talk about them, but I can’t remember what in particular I liked. Then I looked on their website and saw these chairs through, “Who cares what my original intent was… these chairs are rockin!” 

Ya’ll, it’s the weekend – have a good one!  

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