And I’m not talking about the sectionals where the New Directions beat the Warblers. (Though that was good, wasn’t it.) I’m talking about the large, box like pieces of furniture that I would never in a million years suspect that I’d want. Until now.

Let me back up. You see, we needed BC’s study to act as a guest room, so we moved his settee and set it perpendicular to our couch. The floorplan looked like so:

I was mentioning to BC and our houseguest that I want to get a new chair for our living room to replace the ugly rattan piece I’ve had for ten years. Something both stylish and comfy for guests and TV viewing alike. Then I observed how the couch/sette shape almost looked like a sectional. A sectional! Hmmm… So this is what I think of when I think of a sectional.

As BC noted I “usually like things with a little more style.” (Someone’s been paying attention.) But you see, I don’t want just an sectional I want a very specific style of sectional; tailored, and perfectly fit to the corner of our apartment. It may or may not yet exist (I get now how people become furniture designers.)

The Vaughn sectional from Crate and Barrel featured above has the right look, but I’m afraid its a tad too big. And I haven’t seen any other sectionals that float my boat!

But all I can think about is how greatly improved my living room floorplan would be. Tell me, have you seen my dream sectional anywhere? This is more difficult than finding a fiance!

Now, what does this have to do with repurposing or antiques and vintage? Absolutely nothing. This is one of those situations where I’m looking for something so specific that I’ll probably need to buy new to get what I want (if I can ever find it… sigh.)

Sectionals via Design within Reach, Room and BoardWest ElmPottery Barn, Crate and Barrel

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