Kerri Strug

The muse: Kerri Strug
The background: ’96 Olympic gold medal gymnast
The inspiration: Truthfully, it started with this ABC Family show, Make It or Break It that I’ve been obsessed with lately. In one episode one the gymnasts pulls a Kerri Strug and lands a vault run on one leg. I sought out the actual footage from the 1996 Olympics and watching it was as inspirational as it was in 1996.  In her book, Landing On My Feet,  Kerri writes of that moment “Our USA team had only one chance to clinch the gold. I had one vault and one moment to score high enough to win, but there was so much pain in my ankle…. I knew something definitely was wrong, but I had only seconds to either try the final vault or walk off the podium and leave the gold medal up for grabs. For me, that decision had been made years before I made the walk to the top of the runway.”
The feeling: Americana, traditional, touch of Arizona (Kerri’s homestate), pride and bravery
The elements:  framed gold medal, red white and blue, gymastics mat covered coffee table,  flags and eagles.

Images via Arizona Painting via Vintage Zen, Oriental Rug via Antique Helper, Couch via The Shop at Maison, Southwestern Pendleton Pillow via Indian vs Indian, Flag Pillow via LovVintageFinds, Mat Coffee Table via Ma(i)sonry, Side Table via ModishVintage, Lamp via OlsenVintageMarket, American Circle Frames via The Art of Flozy

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