Assemblage Brass Animals

I adore brass animals and they are certainly not in short supply. This is only the tipping point!

Use them to fill space, as paper weights, as part of table centerpieces. The hard part is picking which one to buy!

Have a great weekend! (I can’t even believe it’s already the end of March!)

Animals not shown to size: Unicorn via Etsy, Armadillo via Buffalowinter, Squirrel via Kisslana, Elephant via Tatter and Fray, Camel via LotzoStuff, Pig via ReneeVintage, Swan via VintageEclecticity, Rabbit via SweetPotatoCake, Fish via BuffaloWinter, Snail via ItchforKitsch, Grasshopper via CheerfulOwl, Quail via Kisslana, Dove via Kiteless, Giraffe via HounddogDigs, Geese via CraftandGather, Rooster via BuffaloWinter, Peacock via G3QDesigns


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