Repurposing Cardboard for Kids

We decided to ask the gaggle of kids who are coming to our wedding to actually be IN the wedding (a la Kate Moss.) And I have to tell you, I get misty eyed every time we ask one of BC’s nieces and nephews or the kids of my cousin or friends to be in the wedding. The kids have been just so excited that I guess it makes me feel like they may realize (more than us adults who’ve been to so many weddings) what an important occasion it really is. We haven’t finished making all our calls yet (2012 has seriously slowed down the wedding planning) but at this point, we have 3 junior bridesmaids, 3 flower girls, 1 ringbearer, and a bunch of little ones under 3 running around.  I can only imagine how much fun I’m going to have on the dance floor with them all!

While we’re on the subject as kids, we all know that the best toy is a cardboard box and a little imagination. The ideas below are only the tip of the iceberg. And the drums and castle are proof that cardboard and imagination can go a long way for adults as well.

Cardboard Airplane via CafeMom, Cardboard Drums via Leslie Janson, Cardboard Castle via Sugar and Fluff, Cardboard Advent Calendar via Poppytalk, Cardboard Ball Run via Renest, Cardboard Boat via Anthropologie Catalog

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