It’s in the Bank

Literally. In 1898 it was a bank, and in 1966 it became a single family home. That’s right, this is a 72 room house that 3 people live in. It’s located at 190 Bowery, which at one point would have been the perfect location to film the opening scene of Little Shop of Horrors, but now it’s one of the best addresses in Manhattan. And this one guy owns it! Jay Maisel  bought  the building for $102,000 because his rent in the East Village went up and as luck would have it, his broker knew of this building for sale. Now, it’s worth an estimated $30 million. ?!?!?!?!?!?!

That is my dream. To somehow make an unexpected real estate decision that turns out to be a boon! Read all about this amazing property here.


Also,  BC’s birthday is this weekend. And we’re celebrating both Saturday and Sunday. He’s that special. Treat yourself to some BC in honor of his thirty mumble’th birthday. One of my favorites (of his team’s sketch videos) is the Fender Bender which also stars my future niece and nephew (Oh, I get excited just writing that! I’m going to have nieces and nephews soon!) Happy birthday, my favorite!

Images via New York Magazine 

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