Congers Colonial

Today is the lazy edition of The Hunt, at least compared to last week. I have a Summer Friday off from work so I’m heading to the gym for a good, long workout. Probably followed by some house cleaning. That’s right… I know how to live it up.

Earlier this week, BC and I attended an event hosted by Brooklyn Based about buying a house in Brooklyn (for first time homeowners.) It was a pretty interested event. Our key takeaways were the importance of building a good team (real estate broker, mortgage broker, and lawyer) and that we need to save up a ton of money for a downpayment on a sizable Brooklyn home (if that’s what we want.) The good news was that many of the panel speakers advocated buying your second home (vacation) home first to get a better deal/more affordable option… that’s exactly what I like to hear.

As BC and I have been discussing what we want in a second home, one of the things that’s important to him is that the home not be more than an hour or so away. He feels that we’d be more likely to use it if we could get there quickly. There’s definitely some validity there, but the challenge becomes that 1 hour from NYC is essentially buying in the suburbs… which means more expensive.

Exhibit 1: This home is located in Congers. It ticks many of the boxes I look for in a second home. Older (1804 colonial), mangeable land size, fireplaces, 3 bedrooms, character and personality, located an hour from Brooklyn (a little closer to Manhattan) … and its near a lake, which is kinda awesome.

Here comes the lazy part of this post… I didn’t spend a ton of time putting how I’d do it up. Partly because its so tastefully done, it’s a little hard to see through the trees. (Partly because it’s my day off!) That said, I think my design approach would be to strip the design down – simplify the decor and maybe balance with a few more contemporary design elements. Oh and I hate the pass through in the kitchen. Potentially, I could see unifying the kitchen and dining area…


So what do you think? It’s almost perfect, right? An almost perfect second home requiring little to no work, only an hour from NY… that’s BC’s dream!

Listing: 4 Gilchrest Road, Congers, NY

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