A happy ending

I’ve been so nervous to write this post. Salvaged Grace is only a blog but it’s been my home on the internet, my creative outlet, and my space to connect with you for almost three years now.

Lately I’ve been thinking about the long term sustainability of writing Salvaged Grace. On one hand, I love blogging, I’m obsessed with this subject matter and I enjoy spending the time researching, writing and designing posts for Salvaged Grace. On the other hand, the time commitment is pretty major and the self-imposed stress is beginning to wear on me. I’ve been feeling for a while that I need to restore some balance to my life. For once, I would like to go on vacation without fearing how much work I’d have to do following to get caught back up on Salvaged Grace!

My priorities are shifting as well. BC and I are getting married in the fall and we want to start a family before too long. I’d like to continue growing and focusing on my career. And I might even decide to train for another amateur boxing fight! I definitely want to continue blogging, but I’d like the subject matter to be more personal, so that my blog is more integrated into my life – even an extension of it. (More to come on that later in the week!)

And so… I’ve decided to stop writing Salvaged Grace. For now, anyways. When I started this blog in November 2009, it fit my life perfectly.  So I wouldn’t be surprised if the time for this blog comes again and I hope it will. In the meantime, please stick around for one more week of posts. Salvaged Grace deserves a proper send-off.

Thank you guys so much for reading. It’s meant so much to me! Please enjoy the last week of Salvaged Grace!

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  1. All Good Things Come To An End…I will miss your daily inspiration, but understand completely. The best wishes for you and BC. …..Now I will just jump off the nearest cliff :-)


  2. Erin,
    Good for you for making a big decision based on balance in your life! I will miss the posts, the only blog I religiously follow, but hope we stay in touch and continue to inspire each other. Best wishes on your marriage and if you head to Charleston you better give me a shout! PS-I hope you share wedding photos with me-I can only imagine the overall look will be unique and breathtaking!


    Gypsy Lady

  3. Erin, I’m sad for me that I won’t have Salvaged Grace anymore, but I’m happy for you. I know how much this site means to you, and I know this decision was hard, but I’m so happy you are doing it for YOU! This site is always interesting, educational, quirky, inspiring and a breath of fresh air. I have started my mornings with it for so long now…I will definitely miss it! Love you!

  4. Good for you, Erin! I totally understand what you’re saying – you have so much exciting stuff going on in your life right now! You’ll be so, so missed in the blogosphere, though!

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