Tuscany Farmhouse

In case you couldn’t tell, I really got into that whole “what if this were my vacation home” game. I’m also a not so secretInternational House Hunters” enthusiast. When you marry those two things you get… The Hunt: International Edition.

I found this old Tuscan farmhouse on italian real estate site. Ignoring the location (because really, its in Tuscany, who cares about the specifics?), this house seems made for an ambitious American who wants to gut renovate the property and make it a modern farmhouse dream. As of now, it’s a stable with 2 rooms on the second floor, connected by an outdoor staircase. Lots of work to do here!

Before we get too far, I played around with the floorplan (so conveniently provided on the listing site) and had a genius idea for connecting the home and increasing the square footage. The plan all hinges on that current outdoor staircase. I’d create a second staircase on the opposite side and connect the two as the inner hallway on the second floor. They’d be enclosed with glass… can you imagine how stunning that would be? And then the new addition would be identical to the existing structure, mirrored on the other side of the staircase. Well… I think the floorplan may explain it better.

What do you think?! I mean, as always, who knows if it’s even possible. But sure does sound amazing. For the design portion. I’m thinking minimalist, architecturally inspired, graphic pieces, a mix of time periods, subdued in color, but bold in execution. Perhaps these images will help.

In the upstairs floorplan, I’d want to add one of those huge European fireplaces to separate the living and dining room areas, but the fireplace would be open to both side. V. dramatic!

The kitchen would cover one wall of the dining room… I imagine salvaged wood cabinets, but displayed in a modern, very spare style to connect the kitchen with the dining space.

That’s an italian screen for a headboard and I liked adding just a touch of whimsy with the COCO letters.. this could represent one’s appreciation for Coco or Coco.

I’m not sure if you could tell from the floorplan, but that entire 1st floor row of rooms on the left side would become bathrooms and I’d add in some large windows so that a bath would be framed by the countryside beyond. (I’d have to work out the whole privacy thing…!)

If one of you could make this happen, it would be an episode of International Househunters that would never be erased from my DVR!

Listing: Tuscany, Siena, San Casciano via Gate-Away
Images not to scale, all antiques or vintage: Chandelier via Silvia Petroccia Antiques , Rug via Doris Leslie Blau, Loveseat via Surfing Cowboys, Wing Chair via Giannetti Home, Drum Tables via Michael Haskell Antiques, Sofa via Charles Spada, Stone floor via Salvoweb, Movie poster via Vintage and Modern, Birdcage via Benjamin Wilson Antiques, Gold lamp via unknown, Pottery via Giannetti Home, Table via Michael Haskell Antiques, White Chandelier via Vintage Lighting, Metal Cabinet via RT Facts, Balloon molds via Giannetti Home, Dining Table via Uniquities, Dining chairs via Dragonlaine, COCO via Vintage and Modern, Linens via Red Ticking, Wood Lamp via Michael Donaldson Antiques, Chest via Inessa Stewart’s, Screen via Timothy Corrigan Antiques, Bed via The Paper Mulberry, Bench via unknown, Sink inspiration via Velvet and Linen, Sink basin via Rug and Relic, Console via unknown, Iron Shower via The Vintage Nest, Nude paintings via Giannetti Home, Metal tub via Vintage and Modern.

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