Repurposing… lots of things

Sniff. It’s the last repurposing post. So we’re going all out with some of my favorites of file. Also, seriously, email me if you ever need an idea for repurposing __________. I have files a mile long with examples of all kinds of repurposing projects!

We’re using spools as vases in our wedding (the mid size like the one with the garden hose) and I found another use… hat stands!

I LOVE how sophisticated this room looks despite the gym mats!

For a while I was trying to save up our old toilet paper rolls to do something awesome with them…but where do you store them while you’re saving up?!

Images via Belle Maison, Prudent Baby, Apent Hus via Pottery Barn, Unknown, Desire to Inspire, Prudent Baby, Brown Dress with White Spots, Blue Velvet Chair, Apent Hus, The Ogden Blog

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