Grandfather Clock

You know about my obsession with Swedish mora clocks, yeah? Safe to say, it extends to the ever classic Grandfather Clock. Every time I worked on this post I’d hummed to myself “my grandfather’s clock was too large for the shelf so it stood 90 years on the floor… hmmm hmm hmmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm and it weighed not a penny, weighed more”

Two important facts to consider:

1. In actuality, the end of the verse is “It was taller by half than the old man himself, though it weighed no a pennyweight more..”

2. The Grandfather Clock got its name from that song! It wasn’t referred to by that name until an American named Henry Work penned the song in 1875, inspired by a clock at the George Hotel in North Yorkshire, England.

Also, Grandfather Clocks are not inexpensive to come by, but I love some of the modern alternatives that pay homage to the shape without wreaking havoc on the bank.

Top Row (from left to right) BC Jeffries, Gary R. Sullivan, V and MBaxter and Co.
Bottom Row (from left to right) Cite NYC, DesignIntell, BlikDesign*Sponge 

Chelsea’s Grandmother’s Ceramics

Lovely Indeed, by Chelsea Costa, was another awesome find after attending Blogshop last September. Chelsea has a great energy and it is perfectly captured in her posts. Also, her smart DIYs are not to be missed! Speaking of, Lovely Indeed was nominated for Best DIY Blog in The Homies on Apartment Therapy. Enjoy Chelsea’s Sentimental Salvage story of her grandmother’s ceramics. 

I have a thing for nicknacks, and especially a thing for nicknacks that are sentimental for one reason or another. I find myself having to edit often, because I don’t want the apartment that my husband and I share to become so overrun with stuff that it starts to look like a curiosity shop. But there are a few things that I could never, ever edit away, and this is one of them.

My grandmother used to do ceramics. She made everything from ceramic bowls of fruit to ceramic Easter bunnies, and I can remember them always on display around her house. When she got older, she started giving her favorite creations one by one to me and my sister. The first one she gave me was this vase.

When I moved from California to New York, where I currently live, I packed it away carefully and it made the long journey; it’s been in all three of my apartments in the city. It’s always on display (even when I don’t have fresh flowers in it), and I think of my grandma whenever I pass it. I love how simple and graceful it is. And most of all, I love her initials inscribed on the bottom, so faint you can only see them in exactly the right light. She carved “O.C”. on the bottom of every project she made.

Many thanks to Erin for letting me share my Sentimental Salvage story!

Images via Lovely Indeed


A few weeks ago, BC and I finished up the design of our family crest, which will appear in various elements of our wedding. The fabulous Happy Menocal patiently worked through about three rounds of revisions – its not easy designing something that you want to represent your family and future! Today, I wanted to share a hint of the design.

BC and I met on OKCupid so we through it would be interesting to speak to that in some way. We decided to incorporate an arrow (cupid’s arrow, if you will) to represent how we met. I really love how it turned out, perfectly rustic and fitting for our barn wedding.

Also, arrows just really make for a great design element, don’t they?

Lamps via Galleria d’Epoca, Arrow bulbs via ButterHome, Sconce via Rearview Modern, Chandelier via Objects Plus

Repurposed Cork Arrow via Mark Stanton Art, License Plate Arrow via RobbRestyle,Salvaged Materials Arrow via Hatchett Designs, This Way Out Sign via Lackluster Co

Desk via Shock the Bourgeois, Upholstered Chairs with Arrows via Slic Interiors, Arrow Table via Period, Table Base via Antiques on Old Plank Road

Heart Frame via Just Folk, Cork Storage Globe via Where’s Mahach, Arrow Bookends via DesignWatcher, Arrow Weathervane via The Collection LA

Have a great weekend, all!

Louis XV



Popular between 1715 and 1774, the Louis XV decor style is known for its curves and ornamentation. Today, the Louis XV wine rack retains his highness’ curves but adds a touch of color.

There’s a great guide to Louis style chairs on The Aestate.

Commode via Olivier Fleury, Wine Rack via Mos Mode

Perspectives on Andirons

Yesterday BC and I returned from our ski trip to Taos and boy, was the return bitter sweet. On one hand, we’re already missing cooking extravagant dinners with our friends, working to increase our skills on the slopes (I took a private lesson with an awesome instructor named Wolf!), the amazing cabin with a luxurious hot tub and fireplace, stargazing, a finale snow storm the evening before we left and some very delicious New Mexican style meals. Most notably, at our friend, Marcos’ aunt’s restaurant we were introduced to sopapillas (which are were accurately described as sweet, soft pillows of dough) and Marcos’ dad made an incredibly tasty lamb dish that I’ll never forget (it was falling off the bone perfection.)

That said, I don’t miss the altitude sickness that haunted us far too many days of the trip. So forgive our somewhat simple Perpectives post today. We mustered up as much creativity as possible considering our ski fatigue!

Adirons via Cosmo, Mahogany Butler’s Tray via Parc Monceau, Items not shown to scale

Perspectives… Iron Gates

BC has been sick for almost a week now. Sneezy, sniffly, tired, and just so sad! So three cheers for him for playing along with my little game today! He’s really got the hang of this whole repurposing thing (his perspective was really his idea!).

Antique Iron Gates via Burke Antiques, Antique Tractor Stool via Quintessentia, Antique Leopard Print Stool via Artobject Studios, Books Handmade Weddings and Wedding Planning for Dummies, Wall Sconce via Victorian Country Chic, Bedding via Dwell Studio , Images not to scale

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Assemblage: Sea Paintings

I’ve decided. I like my sea paintings 100% stormy and 100% water. See: this fabulous painting belonging to Bryn Alexandra and this painting found at Hotel Delmano.

Photos via Salvaged Grace and Bryn Alexandra

To achieve ultimate impact, put a whole bunch of sea paintings together, like this:

Photo via Little Green Notebook

But as it turns out either sea paintings are hard to find or I’m not looking in the right place. The only paintings I found were stormy, rocky, sometimes mountainy and sometimes boaty. That said, these stormy sea paintings have such warmth to them, I could make do with any one (or many more than one).

A.Signed Sea Painting via Tearing up Houses, Sette via Studio Elements (Not shown to scale)

B French Marine Painting via Trianon Antiques, C Midcentury Oil Painting via A Pickers Eye, D 1940’s Seascape Oil Painting via Nicky Kehoe Shop, E American 19th Century Painting via Ann Medonia Antiques, F Oscar Wilson seascape via Ebay, G 1960’s Large Scale Painting Crashing Waves via BG Galleries, (Not shown to scale)

H. 20th Century Nathan Turner Painting via 1st Dibs, Vintage Russell Woodard Armchair via ER Miller Design(Not shown to scale) 

Hope you have a great weekend!

Then & Now: Knoll Tulip Chair

We have a rustic wood kitchen table in the dining area of our kitchen. I believe my mom found it at a flea market and it lived in my brother’s room for years until I needed a kitchen table in NY. I’ve been working to strip the paint off of and finish the matching chairs, but slowly a change of heart set in. 

Wood and the Knoll Tulip chair. There aren’t many things more striking and in such wonderful balance of one another. I’ve been looking for my own set to pair with our sweet country table. If nothing else, they will be a comfortable improvement to the folding chairs we have now.

You probably have heard of, or at least seen, the Tulip chair before. It was designed in 1955 and 1956 by Eero Saarinen for Knoll. Since then there have been many reproductions and I recently found this most intriguing update by Jeorjia Shea; a hand drawn reproduction Tulip chair. 

If you are looking for a vintage Knoll Tulip chair, manufactured in the US, I read here that you should look for BR51 stamped in the base. Never fear if the vintage ones you find are a little out of sorts, there is hope for restoration. The reproduction Tulip chairs are pretty darn close looking to the Knoll design and since Knoll has also been manufacturing the design since the 50’s, it would be quite easy to mistake a reproduction or a more recently produced chair for its original mid century predecessor.

Wood and Tulip Photo 1 and Photo 2, Vintage Eero Saaranin Tulip chairs by Knoll, Hand-drawn reproduction Tulip chair by Joerjia Shea, Tulip Chair DrawingEero Saarinin photo.