The Hunt: Hortonville Farmhouse

To spare BC of my constant “Why don’t we buy this weekend house”, I thought I’d transfer that to you guys. Figure you’d enjoy some real estate babble. The premise of this new feature column is, basically, that I’m obsessed with buying an old houses. They ones I love are in various stages of decay but I see them as little gems in need of some polish. I think I might feature a house every Friday for the summer. There’s certainly plenty of potential weekend homes that I’m coveting. Beginning with a grand old farmhouse in Hortonville.

Hortonville is located about 2.5 hours from NYC, sort of near Callicoon, which is Mark Ruffalo country. As far as I’m concerned, his owning a house out there makes it a viable place for our country home.

The pros: wraparound porch, outbuildings (future guest house, studio and/or pool house?), stone fireplace, hardwood floors and a flat area near the barn perfect the future pool

The cons: only 1.5 baths, wood paneling in one of the bedrooms (ick), fairly small rooms (from the pictures, anyways), outdated kitchen, and a lot of bad decor to get rid of

Here’s what we have to work with:

A lot of good stuff right? The on (good) view of the living room knocks my socks off, it’s what inspired my little mood board below.



AAAAH, I love it so much! Totally relaxing but still sophisticated, timeless and  elegant. I imagine this as the kind of space where a few people would be in the living room area reading while a few more would be playing Skip-Bo (my family’s favorite) at the table. The fire would be crackling, the lights would be low, adult alternative music would be piping through the stereo, dinner would be outside on the grill… I can imagine it all so clearly!

Unfortunately this weekend, I won’t be at my imaginary house upstate, but I will be doing some super fun stuff! Tomorrow BC and I are going to the Bon Appetit Grub Crawl and on Sunday, my cousin and maid of honor, is throwing an Italian themed potluck co-ed wedding shower for us! It’s a good thing I’ve been watching my diet this week because its going to fall apart real soon come Sat around 4pm!

Hope you have a similarly delicious weekend!

Listing: 9 Beechwoods Road, Hortonville, NY

All items vintage unless denoted* below. Art via Anne Nathan GalleryKen Johnson, Alicia Bock, Coat of Arms via Kristen Buckingham Interior Design, Lantern Light via Wyeth Home, *Sofa via, Jayson Home, Armchair via Bonnie Kielty Neiman, Accordian Wall Lamp via Factory 20, Rug via Jayson Home, Side Table via Howe London, Bench via unknown, *Curtains via Pottery Barn, Table via Howe London, Chairs via A View from the Coop.  



Chateau Marmont

Let me preface this by saying “hello, again!” to the Salvaged Grace subscribers who were lost in transition from the old website design to the new. BC saved the day by finally cracking the code to getting the RSS feed emails up and running again. Thank you BC! And WELCOME BACK friends, I’ve missed you! 

One of my favorite movies is Laurel Canyon. It’s a story about a guy and his med school girlfriend who move out to the Laurel Canyon area of LA to stay in his mother’s house for the summer. But, unexpectedly, his music producer mother is still at the house, producing a new album and cavorting with the lead singer/guitarist, who’s a bit cheeky and half her age. And… things get complicated. The cast is unbelievable (Frances McDormand, Christian Bale, Alessandro Nivola, Kate Beckinsale), the story is complex and interesting, and the setting, high in the hills of Lauren Canyon, is bohemian perfection.

The story culminates during a party in a suite at the Chateau Marmont. This hotel really doesn’t need any introduction – since the 20’s, Chateau Marmont has been the setting of many of Hollywood’s most scandalous stories . And the elegant, though somewhat shabby, design of the spaces are meant to convey a hotel steep in history.

Below you’ll find images of beautiful Chateau interiors paired with some of the most shocking stories happening offscreen in Hollywood. Glittering as it may be, the Chateau has its fair share of dirty laundry.

Dirt on the Chateau gathered from Wikipedia, Daily Mail, Flavorwire, NY Times, Hotel Chatter. Images via Chateau Marmont. Images (from top) via The Aesthetic Omnivore, Concierge, My Motels, Telegraph, AOL, TripAdvisor, Virtual Tourist

Delphi Lodge

How can you tell it’s St. Patricks Day? Well, that would be the steady stream of pictures friends dressed in green on your Facebook newsfeed. We kept it low key this holiday, observing the celebration from afar.

But green hills were close as I learned of the Delphi Lodge, which may be the most idyllic sporting lodge in life. I want to go there. I want to wear those crazy fishing outfits with the suspenders and big boots. I want to come back to the lodge after a long day exploring the land, and sit by the fire drinking beer and playing cards. And I want to wake up in the morning, put on a cable knit sweater, walk out to the end of the lake pier, drink hot tea and just breathe in the air.

Totally into the fishing paraphernalia. And the striped wallpaper. And how the furniture looks slightly too aged.

Big fan of the black fireplaces.  And I don’t generally coo over the cuteness of animals but that sheep is ridiculous.

Images via Delphi Lodge

Cast Iron Base

I’ve changed the column “He Said, She Said” to “Perspectives.” The former felt more contentious and the latter feels more authentic. A key ingredient of design must be imagination, right? And sometimes the most unexpected response sparks the greatest idea. I found a pretty primitive, industrial stand and assaulted BC at 11am on a Sunday morning (that’s early, his time) to ask that he share his thoughts. There was some mention of it resembling a Dr. Seuss character but then he actually had a pretty interesting idea about where this S shaped cast iron stand would fit right in. And I happen to agree. When repurposing, maybe its best to consult the over-imaginative, who knows what their creativity might inspire.

What is your perspective? Any other ideas?
Cast Iron Base Stand via<Camp Wandawega Treehouse via Adelina Dreams Of

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