Repurposing… lots of things

Sniff. It’s the last repurposing post. So we’re going all out with some of my favorites of file. Also, seriously, email me if you ever need an idea for repurposing __________. I have files a mile long with examples of all kinds of repurposing projects!

We’re using spools as vases in our wedding (the mid size like the one with the garden hose) and I found another use… hat stands!

I LOVE how sophisticated this room looks despite the gym mats!

For a while I was trying to save up our old toilet paper rolls to do something awesome with them…but where do you store them while you’re saving up?!

Images via Belle Maison, Prudent Baby, Apent Hus via Pottery Barn, Unknown, Desire to Inspire, Prudent Baby, Brown Dress with White Spots, Blue Velvet Chair, Apent Hus, The Ogden Blog

A Grand Ole Table

Thank you for your kind words yesterday. It really means a lot to me. One of the things I’ve really enjoyed about writing Salvaged Grace was hearing about other people’s repurposing projects. Recently, my friend Kristy sent me pictures of a sewing machine stand made into a table that her friend designed and built. It’s pretty stunning, isn’t it?


Repurposing Sports Equipment

I’ve never considered myself to be an “athlete”. I was a dancer, but that seemed more about performance. Boxing was a weird fluke. Running was a thing I had to do to box. Besides, both boxing and running came when I was in my twenties. As a middle schooler, I couldn’t run a mile. In high school, I was on the track team for about 2 minutes before I stopped going to practice. In college, the tennis instructor in my PE class chided that “I had to actually hit the ball over the net.”

What I’m saying is… there’s hope for the athletically challenged! At our wedding shower a few weeks ago, we picked up a badminton game (for 2 hours!) and I was secretly amazed with myself. I was pitching that birdie over the imaginary net like a Williams sister!

Perhaps I don’t have to resort to always repurposing sports equipment…

Images Pretty bats via DesignMilk by Vincent Kohler, Fencing mask light by Faithful Roots, Bat table via Blue Cricket Designs,Tennis racket mirros by Smug Interiors,Tennis racket embroidery by RevisitMe,Golf iPod dock by RockAppleWood

Repurposing Music

My bachelorette weekend has arrived! I leave tonight for New Orleans with a small group of old friends, representing all the best points in my life. It just so happened that the weekend that worked out for the trip is the weekend of Jazzfest, which means we are in for some fun. And you are in for a set of repurposed musical instruments (and music related items.)



Music Tape Artwork via Apartment Therapy, Record Cover Heardboad via Roxxn, Wine Barrel Drumset via Inhabitat, Record Cakestand via Red Zebra Designs, Record Cover Bunting via Oh Happy Day, Record Pendant via The Light Store, Record Player Clock via Lost at E Minor, Guitar Case Storage via Holy Kaw

Repurposing (more) Wine Bottles

As mentioned, this weekend is BC’s birthday. I do have one surprise for him on Sunday afternoon, but he begged me to tell him our Sat night plans. Okaaaay, it was more like I caved without any prompting at all.

To demonstrate my ability to keep secrets and not ruin all the fun, I won’t give you any hints at all as to the type of educational class we’ll be taking on Saturday evening…

Past posts on repurposing wine bottles here and here.

Wine bottle chandelier via Chad Gordon, Wine bottle top candle via Couverture and the Gardbstore, Wine bottle candle with wood bottom via Uncommon Goods,  Wine bottle garden light via Apartment Therapy, Table wine bottle candles by Tom Mannion via Elle Decoration, Painted wine bottles via Old World Salvage, Garden wine bottle fence via Renest, Wine bottle pendant via Unknown.