Repurposed Stockings

Earlier this week I was charged to help my friend Brooke find Christmas stockings like the one she had as a kid. It was a quilted check fabric with her name embroidered on it. Needless to say, it’s pretty hard to find stockings like the ones our parents had made for us – those first stockings are pretty special.

However, I did find a whole heavenly host of stockings upcycled and recycled from vintage fabrics. Behold!

A stocking repurposed from a baby quilt

via The Shabby Nest

…repurposed from jeans

via ChristmasGal

…repurposed from a wool suit

via turnupgreen

…repurposed from wool sweaters

via BlackCatMima

via BellaCapra

via Looploft

…repurposed from vintage barkcloth

via ChristmasisLove

…repurposed from a tablecloth

via WashMyCloth

via WashmyCloth

…repurposed from sheets, curtain and bathrobe

via snygg

…repurposed from vintage velvet

via SilverLiningXmas

…repurposed from burlap

via OliveandFern

…repurposed from burlap and wool

via thelittlegreenbean

…repurposed from upholstery

via ImtheSewingMachine

…repurposed from brocade and antique lace

via LynnsLinens


Repurposing Lab Equipment

Let me preface this by saying that I probably spent more time researching for this post, than I did studying for any biology test in high school.

When BC was filming his Jekyll skits for the 13 Days of Halloween videos, his team requested “things you’d find in a lab” for props on set. It got me thinking… how can things originally meant for the science lab be repurposed?

lab cabinets as kitchen cabinets

Image via This Old House


dental lab table as kitchen island (or side table or desk)?


medical stand via Junktiques


lab stools as kitchen stools?


stools via Hurst Designs


sterilizer cabinet as bathroom medicine cabinet?


cabinet via FQ Merchantile


chemistry science lab box as a cool storage?


box via SugarCube


vintage lab centrifuge as tabletop bud vase centerpiece?


centrifuge via Ethan Ollie


test tube rack as spice rack?


rack via Raven’s Realm


wooden test tube holder as pen holder (or paint holder or toothbrush holder?)

holder via Lackluster Co.

wooden test tube holder as candle holder?


holder via Artful Vintage


vintage lab stands…


stands via Unexpected Partie


…as desk lamps?


lamp via Damienweaver


mint scale as totally cool scale


scale via Industrial Relic


balance scales as totally cool balance scales


scales via Bird In Hand


bunsen burners as…


burners via DK General Store


…candle holders?

candle via Interference Designs


molecular model as toy?


model via Cathode Blue


vintage lab supply jars as candy jars?


jars via Bird in Hand


chemistry science glass bottles as perfume bottles?


bottles via The Witchery Antiques


double hole flask as double hole vase?


flask via Small Vintage

clear 100ML bottles as milk bottles?


bottles via McLoveBuddy


glass vials as dinner party shot glasses? (this is getting hard)


vials via Luna Park Foundry


glass vials as candle holders?


vials via Gallivanting Girls


sieves as… (uh?)


sieves via Texas Skye


petri dishes as coasters?


dishes via Blended Splended


magnifying glass as paper weight?


glass via Jupiter and Mars


anatomy poster (which we’ve covered) as the most awesome thing ever hung on a wall.


poster via Blue Bell Bazaar


Repurposing Skateboards

The closest I ever got to skateboarding as a teenager was thinking that Breckin Meyer in Clueless was kinda cute. But that’s besides the point.

At the Carroll Gardens Bastille Day Celebration, there was a skateboarding  competition to see who could jump increasing heights. It was pretty exciting and the crowd watched mesmerized.

But the point is, there are other ways to mesmerize a crowd with skateboards.

Deckstools by Jason Podlaski via Not Beige

Skate Study House Stax Chair via Cool Material

Tunto Skede Chair via Cool Material

Skate Study House Lounge Chair via Inhabitat

Skate Study House Skateboard Bookshelves via Poetic Home

Recycled Skateboard Light via sk8lamps

Skateboard Desk Stairs via Home Dosh

UPDATE! A late addition:

Handpainted Skateboard Stool by MizRonBoom


Repurposing Maps

All I can say is, who knew there were so many ways to repurpose an old map?!

Map as Wallpaper (Apartment Therapy)

Map as Art (RetroRenovation)

Map on Switchplate (Creative Ordinary)

Map as Paper Cranes (Stella Violet)

Map as Garland (KristinaMarie)

Map as Wreath (Hope and Joy Studios)

Map on Dresser (isuwannee)

Map on Pillow (Leafy68)

Map on Frame (Concentric)

Map on Fox (Source Unknown)

Map on Birds (sfgirlbythebay)

Map on Coasters (Juanitas)

Map on Tray (Tracey Garcia Designs)

Map in Bowls (Yanni Creations)

Map on Bottle (Orion Botanicals)

Don’t throw out your old maps just yet…


Repurposing Vintage Globes

There’s something quite enchanting about an old globe. It must be the best educational tool for wanderlust! Vintage globes seem to be all the rage right now. Here’s a roundup of ways to use the one you’ve got lying around.

Start with one (like this one from Wild Whimsy)


or group a few, like Ashley Ann.


Light up your World…(ByLightofMoon)


Or just a room. (via Poetic Home)


Tell time (ImoTime)

Turn a table into a traveler’s delight (via A Big Story)


Make a bowl (StreetWolf)


Or make it yourself (via Design*Sponge)


Round and round it goes, where it stops.



Repurposed for a Party

Tis’ the season! Last weekend my friends Amanda and Jack were married in Mississippi, and this upcoming weekend I’m a bridesmaid in Caroline and Robbie’s wedding in Sea Island, GA. Hearing about all the party planning reminds me of how much I enjoy wedding and party settings created by repurposing and salvaging materials. I especially love seeing unique antiques rented for parties – such a simple way to create a totally unexpected party space.

Wood and Furniture via Green Wedding Shoes

Painted Wood Backdrop via Green Wedding Shoes

Cut Wood Stage Backdrop by David Stark

Fencing via Green Wedding Shoes

Lattice, source unknown

Metal via Green Wedding Shoes

Doors via Salvage One

Doors and Drawers via Green Wedding Shoes

Windows via Green Wedding Shoes

Newspapers by David Stark

Rented Antiques via Design*Sponge


Repurposing Doors

Do you ever get fixated on an idea for your home? I need additional seating at my kitchen dining table. And I keep coming back to this idea of hanging an old door horizontally on the wall, above a storage bench that would double as seating.

Another idea I’ve come back to multiple times is hanging a door horizontally to act as a headboard, above my bed. In thinking about how to separate a larger living space into distinct sections – I figured I could do so by hanging a fantastic glass door up in the middle of the room to divide the space.

Yes, I’m somewhat obsessed with the idea of repurposing old doors.

Image via The Painted Cottage

Image via My Petite Maison

Source unknown

Image via Apartment Therapy

And look – at least one idea for re-use of the door plate as well, by Cake Vintage.

Image via Cake Vintage


Repurposing Drawers

It’s extremely smart, this trend to re-purpose old drawers. How many times has a chest of drawers ended up on a curb because one of the drawers broke but all the others are fine? Fit the drawers into other pieces. Hang a drawer on a wall to make a shadow box. Sit in an open shelf to use like a basket. There are so many awesome ways to use old drawers.

via Jose Villa

Source unknown

via Apartment Therapy

via Shabbynest


Repurposing Pianos

On Saturday, some friends and I went out to Governor’s Island to bike, picnic, and see the Local Natives perform. BC and I came upon a collection of beautiful old yellow houses, with perfect summer porches. I wanted to move right in.

Photo via

Governor’s Island was the headquarters of the U.S. First Army in the 1930’s. The island is filled with historic relics that were basically abandoned in the 60’s when the base was closed. In recent years, the national historic landmark is accessible via ferry for events like the Jazz Age Lawn Festival (at which I won the Most Unusually Delicious pie recipe last year!) and art installations, in addition to being the perfect disconnect from the city for the afternoon.

Anyway, one song by the Local Natives includes a rather curious sound. I became convinced that the band counted “the typewriter” among their instruments. When BC and I start a band, I’m going to play the typewriter. Probably, it’ll start a movement and musicians everywhere will follow suit.

But then… what will we do with all those old pianos?

Make a chair, like Nine Stories Furniture.

Make a bar.

Image source unknown

Make a lamp, like Junk Market Style.

Or perhaps, just make gorgeous art.

Image via Apartment Therapy

Image via Junk Market Style

Speaking of, did you hear about Play Me, I’m Yours? Artist Luke Jerram installs pianos on the streets of major cities then the community sends in  pictures and videos of them playing the pianos!



One fundamental aspect of BC and my relationship is that I provide interior design consulting on a regular basis. My biggest achievement to date was helping him buy a kitchen island and cabinet so that he I actually have a surface space to prepare meals on. BC’s been slowly (but steadily, to his credit) going through his stuff and purging the unnecessary items. Each time he does, he comes back with the same question…

“What should I store this in?” and the disclaimer “I need a box or something that doesn’t look like crap.”

A few weeks ago, BC narrowed down his massive collection of random cords into one box, the box shown here to be precise. So he challenged me to find some alternatives to the plastic storage box to keep these in. (Note that if you click on the pictures, the shop will open in a separate window)

1. DRAWERS. Use smaller drawers to separate the different types of cords in different drawers then stack them all together.

Vintage sewing drawers via Three Potato Four, similar available

2. BINS. Metal sure beats plastic. I like a good military vibe.

Vintage Stacking Metal Bins via The Loveley's Etsy store, similar available

And look how cool metal bins look stacked.

Antique 1920's safety deposit boxes via LacklusterCo's Etsy shop

3. BOX. Like a Caboodle for cords. Only more manly. And it’s portable!

Metal Military Box via Hindsvik's Etsy store

Rusted Tacklebox via Two Art Director's Etsy, similar available

Just think how awesome you’d feel if you had this ammo box sitting casually on your desk. (And how geeky you’d feel when you reveal that it’s filled with cords.)

Ammunition Box via Modish Vintage's Etsy shop

4. TRAY. Best if there’s a shelf that this can  be slid in. Or perhaps it would fit inside a drawer like a pencil tray.  I can tell you right now, BC will not like it if you can see his cords. Even if they are nicely organized in a letterpress tray.

Letterpress Print Tray via Three Potato Four

5. BAG. Why not just an interesting looking old bag? Especially if it’s one that harks back to yesteryear.

Doctor's Bag via Woodland_Sentry's Ebay Shop, item no longer avail

The train case is a similar idea.

Vintage traincase via ModishVintage's Etsy shop

As you may guess, these storage options are not exclusive to cords.