Gladstone Hotel

I realized last week that having a long holiday off from work, only makes you want more time off from work. What about a trip to Toronto? A stay at the Gladstone Hotel, in one of their funky, artist designed rooms, each providing a unique perspective on hotel comfort. The hotel is historic Victorian with an edge. And you know, it’s only an 8 hour drive from New York City…

Images via Gladstone Hotel

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The Inn at Manchester

Our decorations have gone up, the tree is trimmed. It’s official, its Christmas. A little snow would be nice, but only it comes well before Dec 23 and after Dec 29, so as not to disrupt my travel plans home…

Continuing the tradition of Salvaged Getaways that make for great holiday homes (started last week), here’s a place I wouldn’t mind being snowed in. While last week’s house was all grand and stone, The Inn at Manchester is what I think of when I think of the ideal country farmhouse. Long front porch, bright and sunny dining area, cozy eaved bedroom, and plenty of fireplaces to go round.

Images via The Inn at Manchester

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Rock Hall, Litchfield CT

Hello! I hope this finds you all quite full and happy post Turkey Day.

My family flew out Saturday (after a really fun week) and left in their wake… the Christmas season! Oh the lists to be made, the presents to be bought, the fun to be had. In an effort to shield myself from my “to do’s” I find respite in holiday movies.

Of course, the prerequisite for a holiday movie is a spectacular holiday house. It’s probably located in CT, where there’s plenty of open land to be filled with snow. It may be farmhouse style, or perhaps stone, a la Christmas in Connecticut. The decor could be eclectic or sumptuous, but for sure it is warm. And the scene isn’t finished without a roaring fire.

I’d like to nominate Rock Hall Inn located in Litchfield County (horse country)/northern CT for a starring role in a holiday movie. It’s an unlikely candidate, what with the architect of the home being known for his Palm Beach mansion designs, but I think there’s merit.

Textured layers, fantastic patterns, elegant dark woods, AND THAT FIREPLACE! Can you imagine a big turkey dinner in that fantasy dining room? The wallpaper looks like it’s sparkling!

Friends, have I found the perfect holiday house yet to be cast?

Images via Rock Hall.

The Charlie

The Charlie appears to be the ideal place to live out one’s Hollywood dreams. I’m particularly smitten with the stained glass in the bedroom. Stylish yet classically comfortable, each of the apartments and bungalows is named for a Hollywood legend.Cute bungalows, dreamy courtyards and gardens, stained glass windows, exposed beams… and modern conveniences. What more could a movie star need?

Images via The Charlie

Castle Leslie

What would Halloween be without a haunted Salvaged Getaway? Welcome to Castle Leslie, home of the Leslie family and their relative ghosts, including a dog named Punch. Since the mid 90’s the estate has been slowly restored it to its original glory by Sammy Leslie, the current manager. “The family considers itself to be guardians of the land and its overwhelming desire is to protect the Estate for future generations.” I know I’ve said this before, but I wish that this was the mentality in America. Then again, perhaps it would be if we had a country full of castles! I digress…

Castle Leslie boasts a full equestrian program, spa and even a cookery school (in the original Victorian kitchen). Tradition and formality exists here still – dinner begins with a drink in the Fountain Garden or Drawing Room before a romantic dinner by candlelight. The head chef reinvents recipes from the family cookbook dating back for centuries…

Haunted or not, it all sounds divine! Happy Halloween, my friends.


Images via Castle Leslie

Fronterac Club Inn

Last week BC and I went to Pub Quiz night at Franklin Park. My primary contribution was winning a free beer for knowing the name of Donald Trump’s second wife (Marla Maples), and one of the categories we especially fared badly in was “About Canada.” Yeesh, that may have been our worst round!

Let’s head to Canada today so I can begin to amass a little more knowledge of our friend to the north. Perhaps I can redeem myself someday.

Fronterac Club Inn

I’m pretty smitten with the whole limestone building situation. The rooms at the Fronterac utilize repurposed architectural pieces pretty spectacularly. On a side note, my porthole mirror will look exactly like the one at the Fronterac –  all I have to do is buy the glass and hang it on my gray wall! 

Chez Piggy, Pan Chancho (image via Dwayne Brown), The Grand Theatre, Trousdale General Store, Queen’s University (image via)

Canada… Kingston in particular, looks pretty charming, indeed.

The Eseeola Lodge, Linville NC

I have no idea why I didn’t think of this before! Today’s Salvaged Getaway is to Linville, North Carolina: The Eseeola Lodge, where I worked for a summer during college. Linville is located in the northwest mountains of NC, near a bevy of cute little mountain towns (namely Valle Crucis, Banner Elk, Blowing Rock) and Boone (the home of my alma mater, Appalachian State University.) 

The Eseeola Lodge

Linville was “discovered” in 1891 and an inn that was built  soon hosted dancing, picnics and ox racing. In the years following it become a resort destination and the championship golf course was built in the mid 1900’s. Some of the original buildings (including the original inn and golf club) were destroyed by fires. Luckily the new buildings still have some of that mountain charm. In the 50’s Linville golf club became a private community, the member homes surround the golf course. I was told that membership is passed down from generation to generation and that it’s virtually impossible to become a member, I would assume that’s still the case. Luckily, guests can enjoy the property as well – I daydreamed about one day being a guest at Eseeola. Enjoying the formal evening dinner service, lunches at the grill and generally relaxing around the property, Its one of those places that feels a little stuck in the past, but in the best possible ways. My favorite memory is sitting on a hill overlooking the lake at the 4th of July picnic. Have you ever experienced fireworks in the mountains? The sound bounces off the mountains and the vibrations seem quite larger than life.

I didn’t have a boyfriend in college, which means that I missed out on some of the fine dining in the area. Those “fancy” restaurants were reserved for engagements, pre-formal dinners and anniversary celebrations. I’ve barely been back to high country in the last ten years, but on my next trip I have a short list of restaurants I’d want to try. It seems that many of the best high country restaurants are housed in adorable, old mountain cottages.

Artisanal, Crippen’s, Mast Farm Inn

And then there are the meals and restaurants that were my mainstays in college.

Daniel Boone Inn, Macado’s, Red Onion Cafe, Mellow Mushroom

What, you may ask, is there to do in the northwest mountains of North Carolina? First and foremost, enjoy nature. It’s incredibly beautiful, and I kick myself thinking of how I didn’t take advantage when living here. But, naturally, more my speed is antiquing and exploring of the aforementioned bevy of cute towns.

Moses Cone Center, Mile High Swinging Bridge

It’s funny to think of my college town as a destination. Yet, I’m getting a hankering to take BC to see this amazing part of the country.

The Collector’s Victory Hotel

It all began with an image of the Swedish waterfront. A series of painterly-like houses situated on the edge of dark waters. I didn’t know what I was looking at, at first. But I couldn’t get that picture off my mind. It is my muse for today’s Salvaged Getaway to Stockholm, Sweden.

The Collector’s Hotels are owned and run by the Bengtsson family. All three of their hotels are in historic buildings (the oldest built in the 1400’s) within Gamla Stan, the old town area of Stockholm. The design of the spaces are inspired by Admiral Lord Nelson, his mistress Lady Hamilton and his ship, The Victory.The hotels are all fortunate to have one thing in common: they showcase the extensive antiques collection of the Bengtssons’. 

You can learn more about the family’s antique collection on The Collector’s Hotel website. The hotel even hosts its own Collector’s Awards meant to stimulate interest in antiques and art. I’m a staunch supporter of independent businesses and boutique hotels, but this is the kind of hotel chain I can get behind.

There are numerous restaurants in and around The Collector’s hotels. The modern design of Pubologi is to die for – gray, red and teal may be my favorite color combination. Djuret, which means The Whole Beast, is an incredible concept: all the dishes served in an evening come from different cuts of one animal. They also do Svinet,  a summer garden barbeque. The Bistro Emma at the Lady Hamilton is feminine perfection serving up afternoon tea and perfectly ladylike decor. There is also another concept restaurant, Leijontornet which consists of 12 dinners a year, for only 8 guests (its a Michelin starred experience and comes with a comparable price tag)

And then there’s the city itself. I feel a strong magnetic pull to these Swedish isles.

Fotografiska, Svenskt Tenn, subway artStockholm Public Library (image via Marcus Hansson), Nobel Museum, Skansen, Pelikan, image via Loving Living Small . The Collector’s Hotels and restaurant images via The Collector’s Hotel

More inspiring images of Stockholm in my Pinterest.

Hotel Thunderbird, Marfa TX

If ever there was a weekend that marked a turning point in my life, last weekend was one. I attended Blogshop and have emerged familiar with a host of tricks of the graphic design trade. I feel slightly dangerous with my new found powers – you can see what I’m now capable of below. But since I spent the entire weekend in front of my computer, mostly I’m ready for a vacation.

Have you heard of Marfa, Texas? It’s a small town in the southwest corner of Texas that is actually kinda fancy, if you can believe it. Marfa is well known for its thriving art scene (beginning with the Chinati Foundation which opened in 1986.) The town had humble beginnings as a railroad stop (1880’s), military camp (1917), and a mining town (1930.) From what I’ve learned Marfa is the perfect combo of country and cosmopolitan.


Thunderbird Hotel

Mystery Lights, GIANT, Prada Marfa, Prude Ranch

Stuff, Cochineal, Padres, The Get Go Grocery

If you’re heading that way, there’s a great list of recommendations at Wrong Marfa. 

The Canal Park Inn

I moved to New York in May 2002 just after graduating from college. Only 8 months before the world was turned upside down when the events of September 11 occurred. New York pulled me like a magnet, despite its new reputation as a “terrorist target.” I’d rather be here, facing the unknown, than to move anywhere else.

Today’s Salvaged Getaway is only a few miles from where I live and a little north of the World Trade Center site, on Canal Street west, nestled between Soho and Tribeca. At one in time that area would have been the suburbs of New York City.

The Canal Park Inn embodies New York to me. The Inn is located in a building that dates back to 1826. The Innkeepers raised their family in the building since 1980. The Canal Park Playhouse which shares the building and is where B&B guests have breakfast each morning. The rooms are named for four families who lived in the building at the same time in 1850. The beds and several tables were handmade by the Innkeeper. You can tell this was a true labor of love.

If I ever moved back to Manhattan, I’d want my home to be right near The Canal Park Inn. When I boxed at a gym downtown I’d get happily lost amongst the warehouses lining those streets. This area boasts my favorite NYC building, The Sugar Warehouse at 79 Laight Street. It’s home to NY’s oldest working bar, The Ear Inn, and includes some fabulous stores; Just Scandinavian (which carries the work of my favorite, Josef Frank), SchoolHouse Electric (which produces old lighting designs from the original molds, using a handcrafted process), Regeneration (a shop specializing in mid century modern), and Joanne’s Cookbooks (which carries out of print and unusual cookbooks.)

I’ve never felt more community than I have living in this city. When New York is your love, you are connected with 8 million others; we all share this deep desire to be a part of this city. My heart is heavy thinking of my fellow New Yorkers, who have suffered both on and since September 11, 2001. This city is truly a reflection of those who built a life here. I am so proud to be a New Yorker, and I mourn the untimely loss of so many New York, and American, souls.

Images via The Canal Park Inn, The Sugar Warehouse , The Ear Inn, Just Scandinavian, SchoolHouse Electric, Joanne’s Cookbooks