Assemblage: Settee

One of the blogs I follow is called Good Bones, Great Pieces, it’s is a fabulous little decorating blog from a mom/daughter team. They are great at antiques. And creating really sweet, sopshitcated spaces. So when shopping at Furbish in Raleigh, I came across Good Bones, Great Pieces, the book, and had to get it. One of the chapters in the book is about the wonder that is the settee, which I’d define as a small sofa or bench.  Suzanne and Lauren recommend the settee for its versatility. It fits just as easily into a small living room as it does at a dining table or at the foot of the bed.

Just for fun, I asked BC what a settee is. His response was “Is that part of a bedspread.” No, honey, that’s a duvet. “Is it the chair that sticks out” No, that’s a chaise. “Is it a chair in general? Don’t tell me. I need to rack my brains for a second” Why don’t you just read about it on my blog tomorrow?

So world, and BC, here’s an assemblage of some of my favorite little antique settees out there.

“It is a sham, a pillow cover?” “Is it that block thing at the top of the curtains?” “It is a kind of desk?” No, No, No…. “I learned what a sconce is!” Yes, honey, good job. We then played 20 questions and he got it in 15, but only after I showed him pictures. His response: “It’s a type of sofa? That’s a little specific.”

Images (in order) 1 Albert Joseph, 2 C. Mariani, 3 Sputnik Modern, 4 CS Post and Co, 5 Wyeth, 6 Greenwich Living, 7 Pamela Lerner Antiques, 8 Jean-Marc Fray, 9 Porter and Plunk, 10 Pegboard Modern, 11 Haven Interiors, 12 George Subkoff Antiques, 13 Donna Parker Habitat, 14 End of Beige Upholstery,15 Judy Frankel Antiques16 Greenwich Living, 17 San Ysidro Ranch photographed by Jose Vila18 Debenham Antiques 

Assemblage Dining Chairs

In my day job, which is advertising, we often talk about the paradox of choice. Too many choices can weigh you down and make the decision making process that much more difficult.

That’s how I often feel when looking for vintage pieces for my apartment. There are so many directions to go in, how do you choose just one? Take, for instance, my recent search for the perfect dining chair. We have a simple, unfinished (we’ll call it rustic) farm table that belonged to my brother as a child. It’s pretty small in size and we need two chairs to go on either side. We use the table as a desk and an eating spot. But the folding chairs we use now for seating just don’t cut it for long periods of time.

One of the benefits of blogging is having friends with similar interests to provide some perspective. Below is a little assemblage of my favorite vintage dining chairs found online. Not surprising the styles fit in two basic buckets (basically french traditional and mid century modern.) Below I’ve outlined my likes, dislikes and the cold hard facts (i.e. price) about each of my top selects. Keep in mind, the table currently is unfinished so I can stain it or paint it to match my selection. Based on what you know and see, which would you choose?

UPDATE: The Barefoot Dwelling patterned chair is one of a set. We could potentially get the pair. Seriously considering this one! Am smitten!

Have a great weekend, friends!

Circa Who, Barefoot Dwelling, Second Revival, The Vintage Resource, Wednesday’s PickUp, Belated Designs,  Collection 70, Rusty Gold Vintage Design, Ace Finds Vintage,

Assemblage Brass Animals

I adore brass animals and they are certainly not in short supply. This is only the tipping point!

Use them to fill space, as paper weights, as part of table centerpieces. The hard part is picking which one to buy!

Have a great weekend! (I can’t even believe it’s already the end of March!)

Animals not shown to size: Unicorn via Etsy, Armadillo via Buffalowinter, Squirrel via Kisslana, Elephant via Tatter and Fray, Camel via LotzoStuff, Pig via ReneeVintage, Swan via VintageEclecticity, Rabbit via SweetPotatoCake, Fish via BuffaloWinter, Snail via ItchforKitsch, Grasshopper via CheerfulOwl, Quail via Kisslana, Dove via Kiteless, Giraffe via HounddogDigs, Geese via CraftandGather, Rooster via BuffaloWinter, Peacock via G3QDesigns



I have two very distinct memories of lanterns. The first was during Hurricane Hugo when I was 8 years old. My family gathered in our hall bathroom while the storm raged outside, the room candlelit by lantern. It was one of the longest nights of my life.

The second memory is of my first NYC apartment where my friend Sarah, an interior designer, hung up her collection of lanterns on one wall of our living room. They looked so brilliant lit up the night of our salsa party (salsa, as in the food, we had so much in our fridge that we held a party to get rid of it all), while the party raged all around.

At our wedding, we’re planning to have some of my mom’s lanterns sitting on the picnic tables outside the barn during the cocktail hour. Regardless of the shape, style,or color lanterns just have a magical quality to them.

Magical, like I hope your St. Patricks Day weekend is!

A 5th Street Bazaar, B ElasVintageLiving, C This Other Thing, D I’m So Vintage, E WW Vintage, F The Vintage Road to Retro, G Punk Rock Pickles, H Jalopee,


A few weeks ago, BC and I finished up the design of our family crest, which will appear in various elements of our wedding. The fabulous Happy Menocal patiently worked through about three rounds of revisions – its not easy designing something that you want to represent your family and future! Today, I wanted to share a hint of the design.

BC and I met on OKCupid so we through it would be interesting to speak to that in some way. We decided to incorporate an arrow (cupid’s arrow, if you will) to represent how we met. I really love how it turned out, perfectly rustic and fitting for our barn wedding.

Also, arrows just really make for a great design element, don’t they?

Lamps via Galleria d’Epoca, Arrow bulbs via ButterHome, Sconce via Rearview Modern, Chandelier via Objects Plus

Repurposed Cork Arrow via Mark Stanton Art, License Plate Arrow via RobbRestyle,Salvaged Materials Arrow via Hatchett Designs, This Way Out Sign via Lackluster Co

Desk via Shock the Bourgeois, Upholstered Chairs with Arrows via Slic Interiors, Arrow Table via Period, Table Base via Antiques on Old Plank Road

Heart Frame via Just Folk, Cork Storage Globe via Where’s Mahach, Arrow Bookends via DesignWatcher, Arrow Weathervane via The Collection LA

Have a great weekend, all!

Assemblage: Sea Paintings

I’ve decided. I like my sea paintings 100% stormy and 100% water. See: this fabulous painting belonging to Bryn Alexandra and this painting found at Hotel Delmano.

Photos via Salvaged Grace and Bryn Alexandra

To achieve ultimate impact, put a whole bunch of sea paintings together, like this:

Photo via Little Green Notebook

But as it turns out either sea paintings are hard to find or I’m not looking in the right place. The only paintings I found were stormy, rocky, sometimes mountainy and sometimes boaty. That said, these stormy sea paintings have such warmth to them, I could make do with any one (or many more than one).

A.Signed Sea Painting via Tearing up Houses, Sette via Studio Elements (Not shown to scale)

B French Marine Painting via Trianon Antiques, C Midcentury Oil Painting via A Pickers Eye, D 1940’s Seascape Oil Painting via Nicky Kehoe Shop, E American 19th Century Painting via Ann Medonia Antiques, F Oscar Wilson seascape via Ebay, G 1960’s Large Scale Painting Crashing Waves via BG Galleries, (Not shown to scale)

H. 20th Century Nathan Turner Painting via 1st Dibs, Vintage Russell Woodard Armchair via ER Miller Design(Not shown to scale) 

Hope you have a great weekend!