Gold Bud Vases

My cousin and maid of honor, the fair Emmy, recently helped me carry out my first big wedding project. I came upon about 25 bud vases at a stoop sale last summer. They were a total of $20 all together (score!) but since my style and our wedding is going to have a more rustic, antique feel, I wanted to age the vases a bit. The original plan was to antique the glass, I found a couple tutorials here and here. But the art store didn’t have the looking glass spray paint that I needed and the vases were really too thin to spray into. So instead we created textured layers over the glass to make the vases look both older and well, gold-er.

Pretty easy, right? Let’s look at the transformation again.

I was a bit skeptical at first, but I really like how they turned out. The layers of black and silver added a lot of depth and the gold has just the right amount of shine. I think it’ll look great on our navy tablecloths with either hydrangeas or red dahlias. Hooray! One wedding project down, many more to go.

I’m heading down to Florida tonight to visit my college roommate/new mother and to meet her little one! So looking forward to it. Have a great weekend!

PS. If you try this project and use the looking glass spray, you must spray on the inside of your piece. See the tutorials mentioned above for guidance. I sprayed on the exterior of my pieces using the silver metallic because the vases were too thin – improvised!

Images via Salvaged Grace

“Be My Bridesmaid?” Mini Book

I wanted to find a special way to ask the bridal party to be in our wedding. Making something for them gave me time to think about how important they are to me and it also allowed me to give them a little memory token from that very special moment.

I decided to make mini accordian booklets that would open up to ask the question “Be My Bridesmaid?” or “Be My Maid of Honor?” The project is based on a DIY I saw on DesignSponge.

I gave one Bridesmaid her book in person over Christmas. I sent another bridesmaid’s booklet to Florida and instructed her to open while on the phone with me. I asked my cousin to be the Maid of Honor over beers after our family’s Thanksgiving visit to New York. I just couldn’t wait!

One of my resolutions is to make more… so you should be seeing more projects this year. Hope you like them! Have a wonderful weekend!

Images via Salvaged Grace