Repurposed Lights from the Kitchen

I’m going to spend a lot of time in the kitchen this weekend. So it’s fitting to take some inspiration from these repurposed lights made from things commonly found in the kitchen.

Spoon Chandeliers via Renest and Rue Magazine, Rolling Pin Sconces via EE Jewelry, Plastic Spoon Chandelier via KitchAnn Style, Tin Pendant Light via Mint Design Blog, Funnel Pendant Light via Sweet Paul, Salt Shaker Lights via Surthrival , Decanter Light via BootsnGus, Grater Pendant Light via LampGoods, Grater Candle Lantern via Style Me Pretty, Colander Pendant Light via Boelie Design, Tin Pendant Light via Flea Market RX

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Repurposing TVs

BC and I cleaned out our apartment over the holidays. Boy, was it nice to rid ourselves of some of the “stuff” we’d been hanging onto. We got rid of an old TV, a VCR and a DVD player by simply leaving it on the curb. Hopefully, they went to a families who could use it. But here are some other ideas for our old school TV.

TV Storage via Inhabitat, TV Decor via Johnny Vintage, TV Mirror via Color Me Funky, TV Fishtank via Inhabitat

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Repurposed Gift Wrap

Hooray! BC and I are heading home for the holidays tonight. I’ve been shipping all my Christmas gifts to NC (because if I check luggage at Christmas there’s no guarantee it’ll arrive it in time) which means… lots of wrapping to be done in the next few days!

Repurposed Paper Grocery Bags via Alisa Burke, Repurposed Newspapers via Country Living, Repurposed Fabric via Poppytalk, Repurposed Music Sheets via Huffington Post, Repurposed Maps via Two Straight Lines, Repurposed Clothespins via Creature Comforts, Repurposed Tins via Daves Garden, Repurposed Cans via Daves Garden, Repurposed Doilies via Renest, Repurposed Buttons via Blue Velvet Chair

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In Full Bloom

Truth is: Your garden can grow just about anywhere. As proven in an image search which revealed blossoms in pants, bras, cars, boats, purses and many other unexpected places.

Well.. not entirely true, if you have a black thumb like moi your garden will only grow a few days before suffering a horrible, completely un-neccesary, brutal death.

Below are my favorite ideas of creative carriers for plants using found and repurposed objects. Just in case you need to keep your bras and pants for…  more conventional purposes!

boot flower pot

via Design*Sponge

AP Photo/Dean Fosdick via

recycled tire planter


salvaged sink planter

via James Baigrie Photography

Pepsi Case Planter