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I was getting nervous about today’s post. Typically, by mid afternoon Sunday, I’ve wrapped up at least my Monday post. But for some reason, I just felt super uninspired and not inclined to work… on my blog, on wedding stuff, on anything! Which means I kinda had a relaxing weekend!

But my super speedy new MacBook Air led me to cleaning out old emails of post ideas. And within that long inventory I came across the Hotel Wiesler. Just like that, I felt inspired to write again. I’m getting better about not freaking out about moments with writer’s block or a lack of inspiration/imagination. It always comes and when it does…

You find really inspiring spaces and ideas like this design hotel in a historic building in Graz, Austria.

Truth be told, I’ve always been most interested in Austria because the Sound of Music was filmed there. I dug a little deeper to find some awesome things to see and explore during a day in Graz, Austria.

Images via Hotel Weisler, My Travel Diary in Austria, Graz Tourism, Tripadvisor, Lonely Planet 

Lamu House

Over the weekend I watched Out of Africa for the first time. Such a beautiful film. You guys may have gathered that I’m more of a “city girl” when it comes to choosing getaways. That said, the Kenyan landscapes in the movie definitely piqued my interest. And with a little research I learned of the island of Lamu, off the coast the Kenya, that seems right up my alley. It’s considered to be the oldest and best-preserved Swahili settlement in East Africa and is protected by UNESCO as a place of cultural significance. Lamu seems like the kind of place that feels truly authentic – yet enthusiasts and preservationists are developing some amazing properties to bring in tourists and fuel the economy.

One of these places is the Lamu House Hotel situated right near the Old Town across from the waterfront. It struck as beautiful and simple, not overdown or flashy at all.  Most of the time, the idea of relaxing for long periods of time scares me but I think at the Lamu House Hotel I’d be content to spend a good bit of time reading by the plunge pool.

If I were ever going on safari to Africa, I’d want to end the trip here. And here’s how I’d plan one of my days touring the island.


Are you as convinced as I? If we hadn’t already bought our Italy flight tickets, I might be campaigning for a different type of honeymoon!

Images via Lamu House Hotel, Peponi Hotel Bar, Sunset Cruise via Architectural Digest 

Palacio Belmonte

Hello again! Thanks for being patient with me as I enjoyed some down time last week. I’m back with a new Salvaged Getaway to Portugal.

I’ve never been to Lisbon before, but I like what I’ve seen so far. The Palacia Belmonte, with its tiled walls and marble bathrooms (with hints of the ancient stone it covers), is literally oozing with history. During the renovation, the owner, Frederic, rediscovered all the different layers of construction; hidden frescos, walled rooms and found fabulous archives; letters of queens and kings of Portugal, an escape dating from the Roman time leading to the Tagus, cisterns, roman tower, 59 panels of Azulejos. You know, I think I’d be quite content sitting on the roof deck chatting to the owner about his discoveries!

Winston Churchill once said ‘Portugal discovered the world. Let us, now, discover Portugal.’ I would be happy to. Here’s how I’d spend a day in Lisbon.

Palacio Belmonte images via Welcome Beyond, Pao de Rala from Botica do Cafe via Lisbon Noir,  Belem Tower via All Things Europe, ,Tram visual via Bathwater,  Galeria Romanas image via Lisbon Weekly PhotoRestaurant Olivier

Kyrimai Hotel

Is it possible that I haven’t dreamed up a Salvaged Getaway to Greece yet? It seems too unreal to believe! With the days having been so grey recently,  sailing off the blue shores of Greece sounds quite ideal.

The Kyrimai Hotel, about four hours south of Athens, seems a good place to start. For one, the views are stunning, day or night. But my favorite parts are the interior stone walls, beams and the washed out linens and fabrics. The design of the structure feels almost medieval, but the room textures and accoutrements take the space to such a relaxed contemporary place. I normally go for rooms with a bit more color, but I’m totally digging this situation. Perhaps I’m spellbound by the sea. I believe that could happen.


Images via Kyrimai Hotel 

Soniat House

What a beautiful weekend! Spring in New York is so delightful, especially when it feels more like a mild summer. This season also kicks off a busy time for me… BC’s birthday is next weekend and I have a few surprises in store for him, my mom’s coming for Mother’s Day weekend in May, and between now and then I’ll be (finally) tackling some of the more important wedding details (*cough*, save the dates!) and heading down to New Orleans for my bachelorette party the last weekend in April. And unbeknownst to us (at first anyways), we’ll be there the same weekend as Jazzfest, can you believe the luck!?

I’ve never been to New Orleans before and I’m so excited to soak up the history of this city! The countdown begins with today’s Salvaged Getaway to Soniat House, a historic hotel in the French Quarter. The Soniat House is comprised of three townhouses of guest suites, all outfitted with antiques handpicked from around the world by the owners Rodney and Francis Smith. You can be assured every detail has been through out and the spaces carefully pulled together (evidence below). Even if you aren’t planning a trip to New Orleans, you can (and should) get your fill of Soniat House in their online antiques store. There’s a painted banquette that has my name all over it.

Images via Soniat House

Chateau Marmont

Let me preface this by saying “hello, again!” to the Salvaged Grace subscribers who were lost in transition from the old website design to the new. BC saved the day by finally cracking the code to getting the RSS feed emails up and running again. Thank you BC! And WELCOME BACK friends, I’ve missed you! 

One of my favorite movies is Laurel Canyon. It’s a story about a guy and his med school girlfriend who move out to the Laurel Canyon area of LA to stay in his mother’s house for the summer. But, unexpectedly, his music producer mother is still at the house, producing a new album and cavorting with the lead singer/guitarist, who’s a bit cheeky and half her age. And… things get complicated. The cast is unbelievable (Frances McDormand, Christian Bale, Alessandro Nivola, Kate Beckinsale), the story is complex and interesting, and the setting, high in the hills of Lauren Canyon, is bohemian perfection.

The story culminates during a party in a suite at the Chateau Marmont. This hotel really doesn’t need any introduction – since the 20’s, Chateau Marmont has been the setting of many of Hollywood’s most scandalous stories . And the elegant, though somewhat shabby, design of the spaces are meant to convey a hotel steep in history.

Below you’ll find images of beautiful Chateau interiors paired with some of the most shocking stories happening offscreen in Hollywood. Glittering as it may be, the Chateau has its fair share of dirty laundry.

Dirt on the Chateau gathered from Wikipedia, Daily Mail, Flavorwire, NY Times, Hotel Chatter. Images via Chateau Marmont. Images (from top) via The Aesthetic Omnivore, Concierge, My Motels, Telegraph, AOL, TripAdvisor, Virtual Tourist

Delphi Lodge

How can you tell it’s St. Patricks Day? Well, that would be the steady stream of pictures friends dressed in green on your Facebook newsfeed. We kept it low key this holiday, observing the celebration from afar.

But green hills were close as I learned of the Delphi Lodge, which may be the most idyllic sporting lodge in life. I want to go there. I want to wear those crazy fishing outfits with the suspenders and big boots. I want to come back to the lodge after a long day exploring the land, and sit by the fire drinking beer and playing cards. And I want to wake up in the morning, put on a cable knit sweater, walk out to the end of the lake pier, drink hot tea and just breathe in the air.

Totally into the fishing paraphernalia. And the striped wallpaper. And how the furniture looks slightly too aged.

Big fan of the black fireplaces.  And I don’t generally coo over the cuteness of animals but that sheep is ridiculous.

Images via Delphi Lodge

The Inn at Hudson

A few weeks ago BC and I had a marathon wedding planning weekend. We knocked out flower, cake, rehearsal dinner, and catering appointments in one weekend! I love our trips to Hudson, it gives me the opportunity to enjoy the design shops and antique stores and we get to stay in the fabulous B&Bs in the area.

This trip we stayed at the Inn at Hudson, which is a beautiful Jacobean and Dutch style mansion. Windle and Dinis, the fabulous owners, gave us a quick tour when we arrived and told us about the amazing renovations they’d done on the house. When they found the property it was an abandoned assisted living home and the back of the house had been built out. They tore off the new structure and set about restoring this stately property. The dining room work is especially impressive. They pieced the stained glass windows back together and completely reconstructed the ceiling.

Plus, we were served us breakfast and bed during our stay. Smitten!



Check out Adia Photography for a great post with images from the Inn and around Hudson.

Images via The Inn at Hudson, Adia Photography, and Salvaged Grace.

La Fonda on the Plaza

This Thursday BC and I are going to New Mexico with some friends for a weekend of skiing. I haven’t spent much time in the southwest and I’ve never been to NM, so I’m very much looking forward to the scenery (and the food.)

Thought we’d kick off the week with an ode to Santa Fe and one of the oldest hotel corners in America. I can’t tell what’s been hand-painted on the walls of the hotel room, but I like it! The colors are so bright and cheerful. La Fonda on the Plaza looks to be an ideal place to live out my Georgia O’Keeffe dreams*.

*You didn’t know I had Georgia O’Keeffe dreams, did you? Fun fact, O’Keeffe was a member of my sorority.

Images via La Fonda on the Plaza


I suppose one could say that I’m a “foodie,” though that term is so silly. I appreciate good food, enjoy long meals, like trying new things and love a good “underground” dinner club. In fact, over the weekend, some friends, BC, and I tried the Brooklyn Edible Social Club and had such a great time. The food… oh, so wonderful. Here’s the link to our menu, if you’re interested. And, of course, the icing on the cake (or maybe it was the whipped cream on the chocolate mousse), was spotting this fantastic repurposed birdcage light.

Another dining experience I’m coveting is a trip to Faviken in northwest Sweden.

Picture this… a working rustic farm is the middle of nowhere, where food is treated as it should be. Ingredients served at the appropriate time of year, all elements of the meal foraged on the farm, hunting as a part of meal preparation… with an end result of “real food” served in a sparely decorated restaurant for only 12 lucky diners each night.

You can tell that the food and other experiences take center stage and are what makes Faviken so special. I had to dig to find pictures of the other spaces on the estate but they were not lacking in charm or beauty. Apparently, you can’t go to dinner without staying the night – it’s actually that far away from civilization. 

If you want to read more, Bon Appetit featured Faviken back in September. I think the appropriate word for Faviken is magical. 

Images via Bon Appetit, and Faviken.

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