Repurposing Coins

Do you have a coin jar sitting around? I have at least three located in various rooms. Before I met BC, he had collected over $800 in coins inside a huge pretzel jar! Though not as profitable as exchanging those coins for cash, here are a few ideas for putting your hard earned cents to work as decor.

Coin Installation via Shannon Rankin, Coin Wall Treatment via DesignSponge, Pressed Penny Art on Wall via Aesthetic Outburst, Coin Floor Mosaic via Dos Family

Fred Astaire

Hello! Hope you had a great, long Memorial Day weekend. After my trip down to Raleigh, I returned just in time for a Game of Thrones party Sunday night and a date with my guy on Monday (dinner and we saw the new Wes Anderson movie Moonrise Kingdom.) What a terrific weekend! Now to start this short week off right…

The muse: Fred Astaire
The background: actor, dancer, dandy
The inspiration: When I think of Fred, I imagine a sunny day. It seems like the guy was always kicking up his heels and embracing life. This is my little ode to Fred, punchy colors and graphic fabrics, a room with a lot going on.
The feeling: a little larger than life and oh so bright and happy
The elements: grand staircase, dancing shoes, horses (he was married to a jockey), top hats and a photograph of the Fred and Ginger dancing building in Prague by Frank Gehry.

Sofa via Lotus, Black Chairs via Comer and Co, Photograph via Fine Art America, Victorian frame via ThousandsOPrints, Horse Painting via The Englishman, Jockey trophy via Uncommon Eye, Dancing shoes via Nemres, Coffee Table via Matt Murphy Studio, Brass vases via For the Common Good, Side Table via Jean-Marc Fray, Top hat pendants via MrKate, Staircase via room-galleries, Wallpaper via Kelly Wearstler

Kitchen Updates

The new kitchen table chairs came right in the midst of my mom’s trip and last weekend I finally got all my ducks in a row, cleaned house and straightened things up to share some of the recent updates in our Brooklyn apartment. There’s always plenty to improve but I love the way the kitchen is (finally) beginning to come together.

This is what I come home to everyday and I LOVE it. It’s a wee bit formal but when we actually sit at the table, we like to make an occasion of it. I do have extra side chairs (that I got with the table) to strip and refinish, so eventually we’ll add chairs for guests. But for everyday we only need two chairs and it allows for a cleaner walking path.

The story on the chairs is pretty fabulous. I bought them from Barefoot Dwelling on Etsy. (There’s also a physical store in Severna Park, Maryland.) The owner, Mary, sent me the following note on the history of the chairs:

“We picked them (8) up at an estate sale that turned out to be an old client of my husbands. The chairs were purchased by him in the 1990’s at an Annapolis antique shop for a whopping $5,000. The are dated to the very early 1900’s and we have some of the paperwork on them. They are really gorgeous chairs, the detail and craftsmanship are incredible and despite the fading fabric they are just beautiful. In some ways I like the fading better, gives them a certain aged patina and character. I hope you love them as much as we do.”

We are definitely happy with our purchase and I basically feel like a king sitting at our table with the way we have the room set up!

I gave you a sneak peek of the industrial armoire we bought a few months ago. But here’s a more thorough view. It’s nice to have the balance of metal in the room. I think it cuts the femininity and formality. And despite how it looks, the armoire is actually pretty organized. I don’t know how I made due before. The detail pic is of my growing candlestick collection. The gold, silver and glass ones will be used on the welcome table at our wedding around a giant bouquet of flowers.


I’m pretty happy with how it’s coming together! I need to add cafe curtains (if ever I can choose a fabric!), frame the Italy paintings in the back and (someday) finish the table.

Here are the room sources:

Table – from my childhood home, Rug – Dash and Albert, ChairsBarefoot Dwelling, Industrial Armoire Repop, Vintage Stool – Ugly Luggage, Chalkboard/Repurposed Window – found on a Brooklyn street, Paintings (LA Vintage Furnishings)

Hope you have a fabulous Memorial Day weekend! This afternoon, I’m heading down to Raleigh to spend time with my friend and bridesmaid, Brooke. I don’t know about you, but I could use a quiet weekend doing absolutely nothing. See you here on Tuesday!

Images via Salvaged Grace

Asher House

Last weekend my mom, Aunt Ann, and cousin Em drove up to Hudson for the day to check out some of the wedding venues and run a couple of wedding errands. It turned out to be another wonderful upstate day. It amazes me how relaxed I feel a mere 3 hours outside the city! We decided to get a head start on the drive home by going about 45 minutes south to Rhinebeck for dinner.

You may have heard of Rhinebeck before, it’s the Dutchess County town where Chelsea Clinton got married a few years back. It’s also one of the (many) adorable little getaway towns sprinkled along the Hudson River, north of NYC. I think of Rhinebeck as one of the more “cosmopolitan” river towns. It’s got a cute little independent theatre, a bevy of artfully designed shops and a flurry of restaurants (including one located in a former church.)

Rhinebeck is also the home of Asher House, which is my favorite antique store in the area. The store is located in a 1796 Dutch Colonial house right on the main drag Route 9 and has everything from period oak and Georgian mahogany pieces to early-20th-century designs. It’s a traditionalists dream. Below are a few of my favorite things found at Asher House.

After our short walking tour of the town (it’s only about 2 blocks, so it didn’t take long!), we settled on the Liberty Public House for dinner. Thought the interior is kinda amazing (proof below), we decided to enjoy the perfect almost summer day. Ah, there’s nothing like a glass of prosecco and a great meal on a beautiful day with some of your favorite people.

Images by Salvaged Grace (you can tell because of their blurriness… I’ve got to take a photo class!)

Palacio Belmonte

Hello again! Thanks for being patient with me as I enjoyed some down time last week. I’m back with a new Salvaged Getaway to Portugal.

I’ve never been to Lisbon before, but I like what I’ve seen so far. The Palacia Belmonte, with its tiled walls and marble bathrooms (with hints of the ancient stone it covers), is literally oozing with history. During the renovation, the owner, Frederic, rediscovered all the different layers of construction; hidden frescos, walled rooms and found fabulous archives; letters of queens and kings of Portugal, an escape dating from the Roman time leading to the Tagus, cisterns, roman tower, 59 panels of Azulejos. You know, I think I’d be quite content sitting on the roof deck chatting to the owner about his discoveries!

Winston Churchill once said ‘Portugal discovered the world. Let us, now, discover Portugal.’ I would be happy to. Here’s how I’d spend a day in Lisbon.

Palacio Belmonte images via Welcome Beyond, Pao de Rala from Botica do Cafe via Lisbon Noir,  Belem Tower via All Things Europe, ,Tram visual via Bathwater,  Galeria Romanas image via Lisbon Weekly PhotoRestaurant Olivier


Yesterday, after a lovely brunch at Sunday Suppers with my mom, cousin and aunt, followed by a perfectly relaxing trip to the nail salon, reality hit and I turned back into the giant stress ball that I’ve been lately.

So I called a time out. My mom and I went for margaritas and nachos at a local mexican place and had one of the best, most honest conversations I’ve had with her. My mother makes everything better and I want to soak up as much good mom energy as possible while she’s here this week.

So I’ll be on hiatus for the rest of the week, enjoying time with my mom and keeping the daily stress at bay.

Image via Elis Lids


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Partners in Preservation

Friday… sigh. Really long, tormenting week. But on the upside, I can do a little good, right here on my little computer. Have you heard of Partners in Preservation? Every year, this organization, a joint venture between American Express and the National Trust for Historic Preservation, provide grants to endangered buildings in one lucky city. This year, that city is my own, New York City.

Partners in Preservation enlisted the help of some of my favorite blogs to spread the word. Read about Heather of Habitually Chic‘s visit to the LES Tenement Museum. Which by the way, if you’re visiting NY and want a less touristy place to really soak in some NY history, I’d highly recommend a Tenement Museum tour!

The brilliant Scout at Scouting NY introduced me to the Ellis Island Immigrant Hospital. The buildings are in various stages of decay and I agree with the Scout, they are most fascinating. Especially when you see, as in the picture below, how the spaces looked then and today.

The benefit of Partners in Preservation is that we actually could have the opportunity to see these spaces come back to life. Check out the website and VOTE every day until May 21 to help save one of NY’s relics. It’s not hard and costs nothing. Why not do a little good today?

I’m a lucky girl, my mom’s in town this weekend for Mother’s Day (along with my aunt Ann). We’re going up to Hudson to see how the tableclothes that she and my aunt MADE for the wedding look. Can you believe that!? I’ve seen one of the tablecloths but I can wait to try it out with a table setting and vase, all set up. My cousin and I have a surprise for the moms on Sunday as well. Should be a good weekend, hope you have a lovely one as well.

Images via Habitually Chic and Scouting NY.