Ranu’s Found Parsons Table

I’m super excited to introduce you to another Blogshop friend, Ranu from Sunshine Girl. Ranu’s upbeat blog is one of my little daily treats, its always colorful, energetic, and brings a great tone to my day. I’m not surprised that Ranu’s Sentimental Salvage story is about her great street find – I feel like Ranu could make lemonade out of lemons any day! Thanks for being here, Ranu!

Hi there. I’m Ranu, from Sunshine Girl, and I’m excited to be sharing my Sentimental Salvage story here on Salvaged Grace today. Thanks Erin, for having me!

Living in New York City, there is no shortage of trash and abandoned furniture on sidewalks, in alleyways and dumpsters, and more. On a rainy day last fall, I was scurrying back to the office after grabbing a coffee from the corner grocery, and low and behold, I saw my perfect desk sitting out on the sidewalk in the rain. This wasn’t just any desk, and upon closer inspection, I realized that it was a very gently used West Elm Mini Parsons desk.

Spaces in Manhattan are generally small, and my nook of a room is no exception. But this abandoned treasure on the street was the perfect size for my bedroom. I had been on the hunt for a desk that I liked and would fit in my room for awhile, so this find really called out to me. It was almost too good to be true! I hurried back to my office to enlist the help of a co-worker to bring the desk inside, and over the weekend, I was able to bring my salvaged piece to my apartment. A brand new desk for me, hooray!

It now sits snugly between my bed and closet, and has become both a bedside table and work surface. I love the simple center drawer and the clean lines of the desk. I continue to be amazed at how lucky I was to come across it! Next on my list: a desk chair. I’ll be keeping my eyes open on the streets and beyond to cross that off my wishlist as well.

Images via Sunshine Girl

Kerri Strug

The muse: Kerri Strug
The background: ’96 Olympic gold medal gymnast
The inspiration: Truthfully, it started with this ABC Family show, Make It or Break It that I’ve been obsessed with lately. In one episode one the gymnasts pulls a Kerri Strug and lands a vault run on one leg. I sought out the actual footage from the 1996 Olympics and watching it was as inspirational as it was in 1996.  In her book, Landing On My Feet,  Kerri writes of that moment “Our USA team had only one chance to clinch the gold. I had one vault and one moment to score high enough to win, but there was so much pain in my ankle…. I knew something definitely was wrong, but I had only seconds to either try the final vault or walk off the podium and leave the gold medal up for grabs. For me, that decision had been made years before I made the walk to the top of the runway.”
The feeling: Americana, traditional, touch of Arizona (Kerri’s homestate), pride and bravery
The elements:  framed gold medal, red white and blue, gymastics mat covered coffee table,  flags and eagles.

Images via Arizona Painting via Vintage Zen, Oriental Rug via Antique Helper, Couch via The Shop at Maison, Southwestern Pendleton Pillow via Indian vs Indian, Flag Pillow via LovVintageFinds, Mat Coffee Table via Ma(i)sonry, Side Table via ModishVintage, Lamp via OlsenVintageMarket, American Circle Frames via The Art of Flozy


And I’m not talking about the sectionals where the New Directions beat the Warblers. (Though that was good, wasn’t it.) I’m talking about the large, box like pieces of furniture that I would never in a million years suspect that I’d want. Until now.

Let me back up. You see, we needed BC’s study to act as a guest room, so we moved his settee and set it perpendicular to our couch. The floorplan looked like so:

I was mentioning to BC and our houseguest that I want to get a new chair for our living room to replace the ugly rattan piece I’ve had for ten years. Something both stylish and comfy for guests and TV viewing alike. Then I observed how the couch/sette shape almost looked like a sectional. A sectional! Hmmm… So this is what I think of when I think of a sectional.

As BC noted I “usually like things with a little more style.” (Someone’s been paying attention.) But you see, I don’t want just an sectional I want a very specific style of sectional; tailored, and perfectly fit to the corner of our apartment. It may or may not yet exist (I get now how people become furniture designers.)

The Vaughn sectional from Crate and Barrel featured above has the right look, but I’m afraid its a tad too big. And I haven’t seen any other sectionals that float my boat!

But all I can think about is how greatly improved my living room floorplan would be. Tell me, have you seen my dream sectional anywhere? This is more difficult than finding a fiance!

Now, what does this have to do with repurposing or antiques and vintage? Absolutely nothing. This is one of those situations where I’m looking for something so specific that I’ll probably need to buy new to get what I want (if I can ever find it… sigh.)

Sectionals via Design within Reach, Room and BoardWest ElmPottery Barn, Crate and Barrel

Mad Men

Yay the Mad Men Season Premiere is this Sunday night. We’re doing it up; Jello molds, cocktails, beehives. To give you a sense of my excitement:

Have a very mad weekend, all!

Lamp via Marie Battaglini, Credenza via Vintage and Modern, Art via Chelsea Marketeer, TV via Sony, Ottoman via Flavor, Chair via Sultan Chic, Pillow via Quintessentia, Tray via Mid Modern Goods, Champagne Flutes via Vintage and Modern, Bugey Champagne (my favorite) via Morgan and York

Painted Bench

You guys, BC has been working so hard on his Android app (did I mention he’s making a transition into a programming career – you will never meet a more hard worker) so I decided to provide all the perspectives myself today.  Isn’t this an amazing piece!?

Bench via Jeff Bridgeman Antiques, Bistro Table via Jayson Home, Bottles via Factory20, Pillows via Attys Vintage Basket via Jayson Home, TV via Sony, Blanket via Bright Wall Vintage, Brass Lion via Harlow Monroe Vintage, Books via SorryThankYou79,  Oval Frame via Ephemera And More

Delphi Lodge

How can you tell it’s St. Patricks Day? Well, that would be the steady stream of pictures friends dressed in green on your Facebook newsfeed. We kept it low key this holiday, observing the celebration from afar.

But green hills were close as I learned of the Delphi Lodge, which may be the most idyllic sporting lodge in life. I want to go there. I want to wear those crazy fishing outfits with the suspenders and big boots. I want to come back to the lodge after a long day exploring the land, and sit by the fire drinking beer and playing cards. And I want to wake up in the morning, put on a cable knit sweater, walk out to the end of the lake pier, drink hot tea and just breathe in the air.

Totally into the fishing paraphernalia. And the striped wallpaper. And how the furniture looks slightly too aged.

Big fan of the black fireplaces.  And I don’t generally coo over the cuteness of animals but that sheep is ridiculous.

Images via Delphi Lodge


I have two very distinct memories of lanterns. The first was during Hurricane Hugo when I was 8 years old. My family gathered in our hall bathroom while the storm raged outside, the room candlelit by lantern. It was one of the longest nights of my life.

The second memory is of my first NYC apartment where my friend Sarah, an interior designer, hung up her collection of lanterns on one wall of our living room. They looked so brilliant lit up the night of our salsa party (salsa, as in the food, we had so much in our fridge that we held a party to get rid of it all), while the party raged all around.

At our wedding, we’re planning to have some of my mom’s lanterns sitting on the picnic tables outside the barn during the cocktail hour. Regardless of the shape, style,or color lanterns just have a magical quality to them.

Magical, like I hope your St. Patricks Day weekend is!

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