Balconies of Buenos Aires

I had a hard time keeping my eyes on the road in Buenos Aires. You can see why.

It seemed like every building in BA has a balcony. How I wish that were the standard in the US! Regardless of the style, Juliet or otherwise, I was positively entranced.

Have a great weekend, all!


Back from Buenos Aires

Today I was planning to be back on track with regular postings, but after an overnight flight and emotional recovery from BEING TRAPPED IN A BUENOS AIRES ELEVATOR (albeit only for 15 minutes or so, but still!), I’m going to cheat and post pics from the last couple of days instead.

On Friday, we walked through the rose gardens in Palermo and took a bus tour around Buenos Aires. On Saturday, we had a very special day outside BA in Monte at the family ranch of my brother’s gorgeous girlfriend, Rosalba. The day included lunch al fresco with about 5 rounds of different meats, dessert on the porch in front of the cornfields, and then a handstand competitions in the pool! I cannot begin to describe the amazing hospitality of Rosalba’s family and it was so exciting to see our families getting to know one another. On Sunday, we went to the flea market in San Telmo (more on that later!) and then the dreaded elevator trapping incident occurred about an hour before we were to leave for the airport!

I am exhausted, but extremely satisfied with such an enriching experience in Buenos Aires. Tomorrow, tomorrow I promise all will be back to normal! I’m especially excited about posting a super great Sentimental Salvage on Wednesday!


Buenos Aires Bliss

So I woke up this morning thinking.. this is great, I’ll continue compiling pics after we go out tonight and schedule my Friday post as planned to go out tomorrow morning. And about halfway through the day I realized that today was actually Friday and that my plan is a day off! Ah, such is the life on vacation.

As promised, more pics from my trip-in-progress in perfecto Buenos Aires.

Since Tuesday… I shopped at the Feria Modelo Belgrano for asada steak and fruits and vegetables to cook at our flat a few nights. Explored the antique stores in San Telmo and had an unforgettable lunch at Cafe San Juan. Asked (in french since it’s the only other language I semi-know) for a table for trois at Bio in Palermo (fabulous vegetarian place) and we walked through Palermo Soho to check out the boutiques. Relaxed with wine and a book on our back terrace (while unfortunately catching a glimpse of a neighbor across the courtyard who liked to leave his window shades open and seemed to have an aversion to pants!) Shared an unbelievable meal by default at Artemesia – we’d originally planned to go to a restaurant which apparently no longer exists. Crowded around Evita’s tomb at the Recoleta Cemetary then enjoyed afternoon tea at the Alvear Palace Hotel. We ooh’d and aah’d over the architecture, furniture and artwork at the Museo Nacional de Arte Decorativo.We walked around the massive Brutalist style Biblioteca Nacional. And finally made it to Ocho Siete Ocho, only to be seated next to Brazilian models.

…Only two days left of vacation. Reality is going to be rough.

Have a great weekend!


Sightseeing Buenos Aires

How do you like to travel? Totally planned itinerary or totally wing it? I think I’m somewhere in between (LIE, I love a good schedule.) But I’m trying to be more loosey goosey when it comes to travel planning. My latest thing has been figuring out what main areas I’d want to be in to see the various sites. And then dig through local blogs (as many as I can find anyway) to uncover the restaurant and bar gems in that area. My idea of sightseeing is… 1 hour in a museum, 2 hours at a cafe, 15 minutes walk by a cool site, 1.5 hours in a pub (or whatever the local watering hole would be called)…

Above is a map of some of the places we’re planning to visit. It was totally helpful to see everything plotted out on a map actually. We’re staying in Palermo which is conveniently situated to the places we want to visit.

Museo Nacional de Arte Decorativo, private residence and art collection purchased by the state in 1937
MALBA, modern arts museum
Colleccion de arte Amalia Lacroze de Fortabat, Argentinian and international art collection

Sites to See

Teatro Colon, the opera house
Recoleta Cemetery, where Evita (among many other influential Argentinians) is buried
National Library of Argentina, example of brutalist architecture
Palacia Barolo, the candlelight tour with cheese and Argentinian wine at the end sounds like my kind of tour!

Recommended Food/Drinks
Las Violetas, recommended by Em’s friend for the space and the pastries
Alvear Palace Hotel, recommended by my brother’s girlfriend for afternoon tea in a beautiful palace