Wild Bill Hickock

The muse: Wild Bill Hickock
The background: gunfighter, scout and lawman of the 1860’s American Wild West
The inspiration: BC and I are currently working our way through the Deadwood series. Early in Season 1, Wild Bill suffers his inevitable fate (it’s in the history books) and BC was so devastated I worried he wouldn’t finish the series. And so, for my Valentine, I offer this little homage to his favorite gunslinger. Note that we see the back of the chair. Wild Bill was shot from behind while playing a hand of poker – not cool, man. 
The feeling: raw, western, simple
The elements: wood, metal, signage

Railroad sign via Kocian DePasqua, Chicken sign via Vs. Out of… , Windsor Chair via Daily Memorandum, Table via Galerie Half, Dollar and Cents via Scott Estepp Gallery, Poker Chips via It’s Still Life, Pointing Finger via Urban Country, Arrow via Urban Country, Trunk Stool via VintMod, Navaho Rug via Ebay, Items NOT shown to scale