Vintage Gift Guide for the Ladies

Just a little roundup of some great vintage and repurposed gift ideas for the lovely ladies in your life.

1 There are so many unique bookends out there given with a set of Jane Austen classics, they’d make a fabulous gift for the literary minded lady. I especially loved these golden horses via Rhapsody Attic. 2  For the cook, how about a set of vintage Pyrex bowls? via Uphome 3 3 Vintage linens could be a bit tricky, you wouldn’t want anything stained or too worn. But a delicate napkin that just happens to have your friend’s monogram embroidered? Perfect! via Cottage Farm 4 Glass Cloches are everywhere and they are just so freaking cute! via Buffalo Winter 5 A sweet vanity tray might be something she wouldn’t think to buy for herself, but its a glamour girl must have! via My Southern Place 6 Absolutely adore these repurposed book cover journals via Spellbinder 7 Fine, a fantastic wooden birdcage may be a little over the top, unless the girl you’re buying for is me! via Buffalo Winter 8 Transferware serving trays, classic and functional for the hostess. via Roberta Grove 9 Who can resist a repurposed frame? via Revived Vintage Any Marilyn fan would appreciate the addition of Abe. 



Holiday Cocktails

This weekend and next week are pretty holiday party heavy in these parts, not that I’m complaining. I love the excuse to wear my cocktail dresses and celebrate the season with friends. I’m especially looking forward to tonight’s soiree, a small little gathering with awesome ladies and gents we haven’t caught up with since we got engaged. Tis the season for merriment! Happy weekend to you all!

Fabulous vintage party images via here, here, here and here.

Vintage and Repurposed Gift Guide for Kids

I’m willing to bet that on Christmas morning, kids don’t notice whether their presents are new or “gently used”. And considering how quickly children run through toys, it’s not a bad idea for Santa to go vintage and repurposed this year. (Side note: I’m starting my gift guides with little ones because I’ve got one special boy on my mind – I am over the moon about my friends Emily and Matt’s latest, early, addition… Samuel Thomas!)

1 Though they may not appreciate it now, start a vintage pewter goblet collection (via Attic Pickin) By adulthood, it would be a treasure. My brother and I both have a set! 2 A Recycled Skateboard Spinning Top (via Trillium Artisans) is a lovely colorful toy, harking back to simpler times. 3 Etsy is an amazing source for vintage (and new) wooden toys, like this Vintage Wooden Toy Truck (via EthanOllie) 4 I have a friend who loves finding foreign children’s books. What a fun way to cultivate global thinking kids. This Russian Fairy Tales Book is so beautiful (via Lucy Market) 5 Reclaimed Wood makes for a little person iPhone (via Wood Toy Shop) If there were a little BC/Erin, he/she would be getting one of these. We are devoted to Apple products in our home! 6 I’m crazy for this Reused Felt Playfood (via PickleThings) for tiny aspiring restauranteurs and cooks.  7 Another great thing to find online is the classic Vintage Snow Sled via (The Fancy Lamb) 8 And of course, Vintage Globes are a plenty online and a great decorating piece for baby’s bedroom (via Buffalo Winter) 9 The Vintage Rocking Horse (via Hindsvik) is another classic toy to look for online. So much sturdier and lovelier than the plastic cars and toys together. 10 What kid wouldn’t want a Nutcracker (via Baker Road)? 11 And finally, super sweet and cozy looking Toy Elephant made from old sweaters (via Sweatertoys.)

Repurposed Stockings

Earlier this week I was charged to help my friend Brooke find Christmas stockings like the one she had as a kid. It was a quilted check fabric with her name embroidered on it. Needless to say, it’s pretty hard to find stockings like the ones our parents had made for us – those first stockings are pretty special.

However, I did find a whole heavenly host of stockings upcycled and recycled from vintage fabrics. Behold!

A stocking repurposed from a baby quilt

via The Shabby Nest

…repurposed from jeans

via ChristmasGal

…repurposed from a wool suit

via turnupgreen

…repurposed from wool sweaters

via BlackCatMima

via BellaCapra

via Looploft

…repurposed from vintage barkcloth

via ChristmasisLove

…repurposed from a tablecloth

via WashMyCloth

via WashmyCloth

…repurposed from sheets, curtain and bathrobe

via snygg

…repurposed from vintage velvet

via SilverLiningXmas

…repurposed from burlap

via OliveandFern

…repurposed from burlap and wool

via thelittlegreenbean

…repurposed from upholstery

via ImtheSewingMachine

…repurposed from brocade and antique lace

via LynnsLinens


Anything can be an ornament!

This is the whole kit and kaboodle of ornaments from all kinds of recycled and repurposed items. I now realize that I could have probably fit all of these in some of my past day’s groupings… but it’s Christmas, so you have to forgive that oversight. 

Made using macaroni, EvenCleveland's blog

Made from an old leather handbag, GirlIndustries' Etsy shop

Made from repurposed film, RhapsodyinBoo's Etsy shop

Made from old key, CorieKline's Etsy shop

I’m not the only person who has a stash of random keys, right? 

Made from recycled Christmas card and vintage earring, CreationsbyDanielle’s Etsy shop
Made from vintage spool, ReclaimedThreads’ Etsy shop
Made from recycled CD, LetsBeCreative’s Etsy shop

Pour vous maman!

In the Kitchen with Santa

My Santa Claus always ate all the holiday treats left for him at our fireplace. Therefore, naturally, he would approve of these ornaments made from items around the kitchen and dining room table. 

Made using antique spoon, Ohmybutton's Etsy shop


Made using antique spoon, MyShabbyHeart's Etsy shop

Made using antique knife, CorieKline's Etsy Shop

Made using antique spoon, SunshineandRavioli's Etsy shop

Made using grocery plastic bags, GreenJeans50's Etsy page


Made from plastic shopping bag, Juani1's Etsy shop

These last two pretty much blow my mind. Especially the heart. That is made of crocheted plastic bags, people! Amazing!

They came bearing gifts

Imagine it’s your kid’s birthday. You know, the kid in the manger, all swaddled up. And these three old dudes show up with gifts. Only they brought buttons, cork, and stuff from nature or something. You give a half smile and bow but… are these guys out of their mind? What on Earth are you supposed to do with buttons, nature, and cork? … 

Made from recycled buttons, TheLittleGreenBean's Etsy shop


Made using recycled buttoms, CinnamonWoodsCrafts' Etsy shop


This looks like it could be a mistletoe alternative. I’m really into kissing balls right now so I like this a lot. 


Made using recycled crab shell, Art4RecyclingHearts' Etsy shop


Made using recycled cherry wood, BallyBrophy's Etsy shop


Made using black cherry wood and recycled paper, RockCandyVintage's Etsy shop


Made using reclaimed acorns and twigs, TheCuriousHoliday's Etsy shop


So so cute. Nature is so good to us. To create something like these little toadstools would be a fantastic crafts project. 


Made using recycled corks, TeaandSquirrels' Etsy shop


Made using recycled cork, SudioSu's Etsy shop


I LOVE this angel! She just looks super cool. 

For a special treat see what one reader did to re-use corks from her infamous (and quite sizable) wine cork collection over on the Salvaged Grace Facebook page

Deck the Halls

The smart cookie over at the WhisperWood Cottage provided me with some holiday inspiration.

Exhibit A: An antique Christmas tree stand repurposed as a champagne budget.

Exhibit B: The bottom of a birdcage used to display holiday cards.

Exhibit C: Vintage ceiling tin used repurposed to extend holiday greetings.