A Salvaged Wedding: Inspiration

So, as you know, what typically comes after an engagement is that delightful little period called “wedding planning.” Actually, I started planning before we got officially engaged – that’s what I do, I’m a planner. Which also means that I’m weirdly excited about spending the next year planning a party with and for all my favorite people. You included. If you’ll indulge me, I’d love to share some of the repurposing projects, salvaging and vintage gathering I’ll do for our wedding. Starting now…

BC and I spent a little time this week talking about what we want our day to be like. We made a list of the words that we’d like to use to describe our wedding and began pulling our ideas together to meet that vision. The rich colors and the simplicity of the life reflected in Johannes Vermeer‘s paintings fit BC and I perfectly. On the other end of the spectrum, we love the wit and energy of the 20s.

If all works out as planned in about 9 months you’ll see these worlds collide!