Repurposing Books Part Deux

Last night I finally took advantage of my Brooklyn Historical Society membership and went to hear author Ben Feldman speak on his book Butchery on Bond Street. It was a really interesting talk – basically this dude in the 1850’s died in his dental office on Bond Street. His mistress/wife seems to be the primary culprit but… you’ll have the read the book or hear Mr. Feldman speak to learn more. It’s a pretty fun story, I’d recommend it!

And while we’re on the subject of books, here’s a new set of ideas for repurposing books:

Coffee table via Tytie

End Table via Tytie

Hollow Book storage by Green R Studio via Oh Hello Friend

Book Hollow Art by Brian Dettmer via My Rusty Sieve

Book Lamp by TypeWriterGraveyard via Oh, Hello Friend!


Book iPhone and iPad Charger by Inbook via Oh, Hello Friend!

Book Frames via Apartment Therapy