Winter Table

First off, have you noticed that I’ve totally failed to mention Salvaged Grace’s new website design all week? It’s because I’m not done yet! Just a few more tweaks and adjustments to be made and then I’ve give you the grand tour of the new home. Stay tuned!

Recently I noticed that I obsess over tabletops. I save images of tables that are beautifully designed. I keep our dining table set for a meal at all times. I just love how a well set table looks – it feels so inviting. So I decided to challenge myself to apply this interest on Salvaged Grace. Every month I’m planning to design a seasonal table design. I’m inviting friends (or BC) to join me in a dinner inspired by the design. And then I’ll write about here.

The winter table design began at the Brooklyn Flea a few months ago. I found the blue handkerchief (laid across the table) and the white candlesticks there. I imagined how white table plates would shine compared to the warm, friendly handkerchief. And with the addition of some natural elements, the overall tone started to feel a little Scandinavian. Like, this table should be located in a beautiful, old cabin in the quiet, snowy, northern Swedish countryside.

The menu consisted totally of Scandinavian comfort foods (most were laden with horseradish.) I love how the beet salad pops off the white plate. BC and I shared this meal together and with the bouncing hearts in the windows, it felt like an early Valentine’s celebration. And I have to tell you, the meatballs were amazing with or without the sauce even a few days later.

Per usual, everything on the table was bought second hand or was something I already had. I even sourced the cardboard from my recycling bin to make the hearts hanging in the window – they are covered with wrapping paper I had in my stash. I scoured different rooms in my apartment and checked out my holiday supplies for different pieces to bring the look together.

After creating this post for the first time… well, it increased my respect of food stylists and photographers. But I’m excited to invite you guys into my home to see the how I like to design and enjoy a good meal. Hope you like it!

BC and I are going up to Hudson for more wedding planning this weekend and I just read that there’s snow in the forecast all day! We’re staying at a beautiful, old inn and having dinner at Helsinki Hudson… oh so happy for the weekend! Have a great one!

Images by Salvaged Grace