Living like Louis

One word: Versailles.

Gilded Gates

Gargoyles with water spouts

Gilded Windows

Expansive Rooms



Unique Floors


Gold Cherubs



Jean Cotelle


Stone Tunnels



Painted Trim


Interestingly there was a particular paint method to this design: they would paint, rub, then high gloss, and rub, then repeat multiple times.




Worn Stairs

Wood Tiles in Courtyard

Fancy Napkin

Gilding Everything



Beautiful Paris

As glamorous as it is to just whisk oneself away to Paris for a weekend, it’s nice to be at home. That said, the reality that set in immediately upon return is often just too brutal. I should be wearing ruffly skirts and prancing about the cobblestone streets of Paris with a baguette!

But my reality is that I’m in the office one day this week, then out at a photo shoot in NY on Tues, and then off to Napa Valley for another photo shoot beginning Wed. That’s right, folks. I’m not even bothering to unpack my luggage.

For this week, Salvaged Grace posts will be about the amazing, vintage and historic things I saw in France, along with some repurposing treats sprinkled in. Re-living my vacation though photos and videos may be the only way I’ll make it through!

The perfect teal, the hall staircase in our building.

Modern light fixture with classic floors and mantle in a customer service room at Versailles

The work of Jean Cotelle, I was completely mesmerized by his paintings of the gardens of Versailles.

Gold gilded gates at Versailles, my cousin proclaimed “When I become a French king, I’ll have everything gilded in gold.” I support both the notion of her being a French king and gold gilding everything!

Just a beautiful old entrance, I love the buildings which haven’t been cleaned with a little bit of green, grays and browns in the patina.

Paris smelled unbelievable, probably due to the likes of this guy and his flower friends.

The view at the end of our street, I believe our local boulangerie is on the left. I have got to get out of the habit of craving au pain chocolate every day!